Chief of Staff @ Crosscut Ventures in Los Angeles, CA

Crosscut Ventures

Crosscut is a venture capital firm in Santa Monica that partners with founders and leads investments in their early-stage technology companies. Our investors are collaborators who write first checks and actively build companies alongside our teams. We are fortunate to have partnered with world-class founders in Los Angeles, San Francisco, New York, Seattle, Salt Lake City, Minneapolis, Denver, St. Louis, Washington DC and more.

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The Role

As Chief of Staff, you will play a critical role as the orchestrator of the firm’s operations for both our investing practice and the community of founders we serve. You will power our investment team, working closely with the partners on all aspects of the venture capital business. You will also serve in a central role for the Crosscut community and help our team create an exceptional experience for founders.

This is a generalist role that requires research and analysis, project management, and execution. You must be organized, take pride in your communication, and pursue high standards of quality.

Investing Operations

  • Shepherd investment opportunities through the pipeline week to week
  • Perform research and investment diligence
  • Maintain CRM and communications with our network
  • Build and maintain research and analysis systems
  • Identify and execute portfolio growth initiatives for our portfolio

Platform Operations

  • Lead new strategic initiatives across the organization
  • Lead firm-wide quarterly and annual planning and execution
  • Manage community strategy and activate Crosscut’s network
  • Manage Crosscut’s digital presence and brand marketing initiatives
  • Write Crosscut’s weekly portfolio company brief and quarterly newsletter

Note: This is not a principal role to make new investments. You will not have sourcing or deal execution responsibilities. Instead, you will drive the firm’s diligence and investing operations with ownership of research, analysis, and portfolio company growth initiatives.

Who you are

A successful Chief of Staff will be integrated throughout the firm to amplify our team. You will power our investing operations and help us make better decisions faster. You will boost connectivity with our network. Ultimately, you will become an extension of the investment team and empower us to continue delivering an exceptional founder experience.

Crosscut values diversity and we are seeking candidates who demonstrate hustle, humility, and heart. Strong candidates will come from a variety of backgrounds and share the following qualities.

Your Skills

  • You are organized and excel at managing many ongoing projects
  • You develop plans, iterate with key stakeholders, and follow through from inception to completion with limited oversight
  • You are a systems thinker who believes in commitment to a process
  • You are a proactive, clear communicator
  • You are comfortable managing upward and collaborating with partners, founders, and executives
  • You are resourceful, unstoppable and committed to meeting your goals
  • Technical skills (design, engineering, analysis, no-code/low-code) a plus

Culture Fit

  • You are a learner who acknowledges your weaknesses and pursues growth
  • You are open-minded, challenge your beliefs, and strive for self-awareness and intellectual honesty
  • You help and don’t expect anything in return, especially when supporting entrepreneurs and startups
  • You love teamwork, camaraderie, and working with others to build something bigger than yourself
  • You are optimistic and presume positive intent
  • You are humble
  • You value health and wellness and practice the things that energize you


  • 2–4+ years of work experience
  • Demonstrated leadership in previous work experience or other activities
  • Exceptional communication skills, especially in writing and presentations
  • Strong interest in technology, entrepreneurship, and venture capital
  • Management consulting, investment banking, technology, sales or other fast-paced work experience a plus
  • Venture capital or investing experience not a requirement

Thank you for your interest in Crosscut.

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