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Archive of Previous Transmissions:

  • Stablecoins — (10/28/18) 

    • You’ve grown up. You’re tired of the games, of the unreliability, of waking up the next morning only to find out they’re not who they said they were they night before. You want stability, someone with goals… Well, look no further… Stablecoins: finally, a bunch of cryptocurrencies you can bring home and introduce to your parents.
  • OmiseGo — (9/23/18) 

    • A lot of crypto protocols want to change the way the world economy works, but OmiseGo might have a better head start than most. With its decentralized exchange, OMG plans on giving users the ability to transact across all conceivable blockchains, as well as with other fiat currencies and assets. See why this is a leg-up in this week’s transmission… 
  • Baya(9/2/18) 

    • The commercial real estate industry is currently opaque and fragmented, with buyers and sellers often struggling to form a complete picture of the market. Baya – an undertaking of Knotel and 42Floors – doesn’t think it should be this way. So they’re using crypto as a solution. 
  • ZCash — (8/12/18) 

    • The founders of ZCash leveraged hardcore computer science and/or black magic to create a revolutionary protocol mechanism called zk-SNARKS that helps to keep the identity of their users, and their transactions, private. Check out how in the latest Transmission. 
  • Monero — (7/22/18)

    • There’s being sneaky, and then there’s using Monero. Take 10 minutes and learn all about how our featured coin of the week wants to make sure no one ever knows what you’re doing. 
  • Dash — (7/8/18)

    • Dash wants to become the world’s preeminent digital medium of exchange, and it plans to achieve this by employing entities it calls ‘Masternodes.’ Get ready to bow down to your future overlords in this week’s Transmission. 
  • FairCoin — (6/24/18)

    • Life’s not fair… but with an ecosystem built from the ground up that focuses on the quality of its users rather than on short-term profits, FairCoin wants to make sure its altcoin – and cryptocurrency in general – is. 
  • IOTA(6/10/18)

    • IOTA wants to create a world where all machines can talk to each other, all the time, about pretty much anything… cause you know, that’s never gone wrong for anybody. 
  • Stellar Lumens(5/27/18)

    • We live in a global economy, but there are billions of people in the world without access to reputable financial institutions or even financial education… Stellar Lumens thinks it’s got a pretty stellar way to change that. 
  • FunFair(5/13/18) 

    • Tired of losing all your money in real casinos? Not to worry! With FunFair, now you can bet away your life savings in Cryptoland too! 
  • Cardano — (4/29/18)

    • Cardano has built their blockchain by following the scientific method. What they came up with has resulted in a lot of layers… like an onion! (Are Shrek references too dated?) 
  • Rare Token(4/15/18)

    • The Mona Lisa is valued at $100 million dollars because there’s only one copy. See how this company is trying to make widely distributed digital art just as valuable. 
  • TRON — (4/1/18)

    • No, it’s not the 80’s movie… but it definitely aims to be entertaining. Read all about the cryptocurrency designed around the sharing and democratization of content. 
  • EOS — (3/25/18)

    • dApp development is hard… EOS doesn’t want it to be. Learn how this decentralized operating system is trying to turn would-be developer’s frowns, upside down. 
  • Litecoin — (3/18/18)

    • Litecoin is like Bitcoin’s little brother with a major inferiority complex. See the things it’s doing to overcompensate in this week’s Transmission. Added Bonus: a brief introduction to The Lightning Network. 
  • Ripple — (2/28/18)

    • Cryptocurrency Purists: “You’ll never get major financial institutions to adopt a decentralized public-consensus ledger for processing payments.” 
    • Ripple: “Hold my beer…” 
  • Bitcoin, Ethereum, and Exchanges — (2/16/18)

    • The Who, What, Where, When, Why on the two biggest coins going out there. Also… a quick tutorial on crypto exchanges and how to use them. 
  • Blockchain — (2/1/18)

    • All the kids in Blockchain’s school think he’s weird… but really, he’s just misunderstood. Take a look over this short and sweet little rundown of everyone’s favorite new topical talking point in this week’s Transmission. 
  • Introduction — (1/24/18)

    • We all gotta start somewhere… Read all about the Altcoin Transmission and what you can expect out of us going forward. 




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