Associate VC Job at Y Combinator in San Francisco

Our mission at YC is to be the organization that enables the most innovation in the world. Capital—especially large amounts of long-term capital willing to invest outside of the current trends—is an important ingredient in that mission and one of the reasons why YC created the Continuity fund.

The Continuity fund is a follow-on investment fund, providing capital and support to YC companies in the years after they graduate from our core program. More information about YC Continuity is available here and here.

Who we look for and what will you do

Much like the YC companies in each year’s batch, we are just getting started and are looking for an exceptional Investment Associate. You will be at the center of evaluating investments and helping the organization grow. This is a great role for someone passionate about analyzing private technology companies that have found product-market fit and are now scaling. Those that can apply strong analytical capabilities, can synthesize what they’ve learned, and defend an investment recommendation will succeed in this role.

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