VC Principal @ Creator Fund in London, England

This is a significant opportunity to build and shape a fast-growing Venture Capital firm. Over the course of the next year, Creator Fund will invest in ~10 deals in the UK and expand into new European geographies, and you will have responsibility in both of these areas.  This is our second full time role at Creator Fund, and we want to bring someone on board who can quickly step up to lead major initiatives. It is a hybrid investing and operating role: you will be responsible for helping run our UK student team, running workshops to stimulate startup activity across the UK, executing new deals, working with our portfolio companies, and supporting international expansion:

Responsibilities Include:

Investing and Portfolio Support:

  • Managing Deal Pipeline: Creator Fund sees ~150 deals a month during the academic year. The principal will be responsible for overseeing this process from sourcing to investment and working with our team of Student Investors to ensure the best opportunities are being closed.
  • Startup Evaluation: Interviewing founders in the later stages of our funnel, evaluating deal opportunities, leading due diligence, and helping decide which startups proceed to Investment Committee.
  • Deal Execution: Closing deals by negotiating terms, preparing final documentation, and working with the founding team to get a deal over the line.
  • Portfolio Support: The principal will be responsible for managing the Creator Fund relationship with a number of our portfolio companies: providing direct strategic support and coordinating Creator Fund and Founders Factory support available to our founders.

Talent & Operations:

  • Startup Creation Workshops: Creator Fund is launching a series of workshops across the UK, especially focused on under-ventured regions, BAME founders, and female founders, to help students start new businesses. The principal will be responsible for helping create and deliver this content.
  • International Expansion: In the next twelve months, Creator Fund will launch teams in new European geographies. Our expectation is that the principal will learn our model from the UK, and then quickly get up-to-speed and take significant responsibility in building Creator Fund teams in new markets. With this expansion, we will be expanding our workshop and training programs to under-served regions in Europe, and the principal will be responsible for delivering some of this content.
  • Talent Platform: Creator Fund is launching an online platform to connect student talent; the principal will help develop and execute the launch strategy.
  • Team Management: Creator Fund relies on a team of Student Investors across university campuses, the principal will take on management responsibilities for this team and will be given regions of the UK to manage.

What we are looking for:

  • Demonstrable drive & initiative: This role comes with considerable autonomy and responsibility; the successful applicant will have demonstrated an ability to start and execute high-stakes projects.
  • Exceptional levels of leadership ability: We want to see that you are a natural leader who has the potential to lead teams and command gravitas. You should have managed teams in your university, early professional, and extracurricular pursuits.
  • Experience with startups and demonstrated interest in VC: You should have experience working with or founding startups. We do not expect the candidate to have worked in early-stage investing, but we do expect them to be able to demonstrate a passion for the field.
  • Passion for stimulating growth outside South East of England: Interest in finding great companies across the UK, and an ability to work with local teams to find startups that are overlooked outside London and Oxbridge.
  • Startup mentality: An individual who wants to roll up their sleeves and get involved in all areas of a business, who can execute multiple projects simultaneously, and be an enabler of a fast-growth environment.
  • 1st or 2.1 Class Degree
  • ~2 years work experience (preferred): Working at a startup or early-stage investment firm.

To Apply:

  • Send a CV to Instead of a cover letter please include a one-page submission (total) that includes short answers to these three questions 1) How have your experiences prepared you for a leadership role? 2) What is the most exciting student-led startup in the UK today and why? 3) What would success in this role look like for you?
  • Applications evaluated on a rolling basis. Deadline to Apply: 20 September 2020

IF interested, please apply here.

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