VC Associate @ Forward Partners in London, England

Forward Partners are passionate about being part of and supporting the startup ecosystem. That’s why we’ve run the Investment Associate programme over recent years.

Investment Associates join the investment team for a period of 4-6 months. We’ll be looking for our next Investment Associate to join in Q1 2020. In that period, you’ll get an immense amount of responsibility and accountability. You’ll meet founders, research markets and opportunities, contribute to fund strategy and fundraising work, do legal due diligence and represent FP. More than that, our Applied VC model means that you’ll be work with portfolio (and particularly the very early stage companies who are co-located with us in our Old Street home) to an extent that no other investor can match. 

Following the programme we’ll do everything that we can to support you in your move into the ecosystem. Previous Investment Associates have gone on to positions at Octopus Ventures, Frog Capital and some of London’s best startups. 

If you’re thinking about moving into the ecosystem, or you’re in it and thinking about a change-up, we’d love to hear from you. This position is salaried at £25k (pro-rated) and what we can offer alongside that is a huge amount of learning, a great springboard and being a part of a world-class team of investors and start-up specialists. 

To be successful in your application, here are a few things that we’ll be looking for:

  • A passion for startups and technology…we’re in the business of financing the future after all!
  • Strong analytical skills – deal due diligence and contribution to fund strategy requires quantitative expertise. You might have developed this at a technology company, bank or management consultancy.
  • Research capabilities. We read and write a lot. We’d love for you to be able to contribute to this while you’re with us.
  • An agile mind. We look at all sorts of businesses from vertical farming to robotics and we’re invested in accountancy, chinos, law, plants, VR, childcare, mobility, sleep, pop-up shops, payments, cybersecurity, farming, credit, …the list goes on. Getting up to speed quickly with new businesses and markets is a key skill.
  • Effective proactivity. If you’re someone who asks questions, expands your network, seeks to take on and own accountability and initiatives you’ll fit right in

If you’d like to apply, send your CV/LinkedIn profile and any other information which you feel might be useful (videos, socials, blogs – any and all welcome) and to help us get to know you better to:

We’re looking forward to hearing from you!


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