Venture Capital Analyst Salaries

What is a venture capital analyst?

A Venture Capital Analyst is a vital member of the investment team in a VC firm, where they support the team in identifying, evaluating and executing on potential investment opportunities.

They conduct research, analyze financials, industry trends and conduct due diligence to help the team make informed decisions. 

They also assist portfolio companies in their growth and development. Strong analytical skills, financial acumen, and attention to detail are key for this role. 

They will also have the opportunity to develop their own perspective and ideas. 

Furthermore, a Venture Capital Analyst is a great role for individuals who want to gain a diverse experience and understand different sectors, as they often work with multiple portfolio companies.

How much money do venture capital Analysts and venture capital Senior Analysts make?

Analyst / senior analyst base salaries varied widely, ranging anywhere from $25,000 – $150,000 depending on the type of firm.

That said, the average base salary for Analysts is up 21% from last year, going up from $76K to $92K.

How much experience do venture capital Analysts and venture capital Senior Analysts have?

According to the survey, VC Analysts / Senior Analysts are 26 years old on average; they have 3 years of total work experience and 2 years of investment experience.