VC Principal @ The Venture City in Miami, FL

Our mission is to invest in and support ambitious founders that are building the next generation software companies. We invest in fast-growing Seed & Series A companies in the US and Europe that have massive scalability potential, are capital efficient and follow a product-led growth methodology.

We not only invest capital but also leverage our team of operators to help portfolio companies grow to unprecedented heights. Founded in 2017, we have raised and deployed a $52M fund and we are in the process of closing our second fund, circa of $100M. We are headquartered in Miami and have alternate offices in Madrid, San Francisco, and Sao Paulo.

We are committed to building a diverse group of portfolio companies, stakeholders, and ecosystem of partners. We genuinely believe that diversity of gender, ethnicity, race, culture, religion, and sexual orientation truly brings wealth of ideas and resources that strengthen our collective resolve – to support diverse founders building the most impactful companies.

We are also painstakingly aware that we live in a world where the best opportunities are heavily concentrated in a few postal codes, even though talent is globally distributed. We are determined to bridge this gap and provide the best entrepreneurs –regardless of location– the resources needed to elevate their businesses to extraordinary heights.

Back in 2017, we built an organization with values that reflect today’s Environmental, Social and Governance (ESG) goals. We defined these values because we inherently believed that to change the world, we needed to start with ourselves. At TheVentureCity, the world’s minorities are our majority (100% female-founded company), thinking differently is the norm not the exception (who else talks about iguanacorns? ), and working to change billions of lives is our main KPI (we have no small dreams). Since the very beginning, being different and making a difference has been in our DNA.

Your main responsibilities will be:

●     Track, monitor, and model venture portfolio. This includes fund strategy and performance (IRR, MOIC, TVPI), sensitivity analysis, returns modelling, and M&A. Update senior management on development and trends that may require action.

●     End-to-end investment management as Deal Lead or part of the Deal Team including sourcing and screening potential opportunities.

●     Conduct or support the due diligence process and present investment opportunities to the Investment Committee.

●     Portfolio Management, acting as primary or secondary contact to portfolio companies to guide and accelerate company performance. Establish close relationships with our operating partners to understand strategic needs, communicate insights and support portfolio companies when necessary.

●     Lead or contribute to investment thesis, establishing domain expertise and credibility.

●     Lead or co-lead relationships with Limited Partners to whom you would continuously communicate portfolio performance.

●     Establish external relationships and engage with the tech, media, and entrepreneurship community to expand TheVentureCity’s network and evangelize our mission.

What you need:

●     Bachelor’s degree (Business, Finance, Engineering) with a strong academic record.

●     4-8 years of experience in venture capital, private equity, and/or investment banking.

●     Must have a solid working knowledge of fund strategy and financial modelling (e.g., fund sensitivity analysis, returns modelling, company-specific valuation, market models, etc.). Strong knowledge of Excel including advanced function.

●     Excellent business writing and presentation skills.

●     Strong ability to work independently and collaboratively.

●     Ability to learn fast and willingness to be flexible.

●     Proficiency in English. Fluency in Spanish is a plus as LatAm is a target market.

●     You should have curiosity, a strong conviction for the future of tech and a passion for investing.

What else you should bring:

●     You seek to be the best version of yourself

●     Your are energetic and are relentless

●     You are humble and have high ethical standards

●     You bring diversity to our team and/or our industry

●     You are a team player

●     You are extremely curious and have an insatiable thirst for knowledge

●     You enjoy being outside of your comfort zone and love trying new things

●     You are a detail-oriented person

●     You can thrive in an ambiguous and/or chaotic environment

●     You are unafraid to ask the hard questions and speak up your mind

●     You are a master of multi-tasking and execute effectively at the same time

●     You bring creativity to everything you do

●     You are a natural networker

●     You are a good communicator, you prioritize conversations

●     You already built apps with DIY tools or made some money by selling stuff

What we offer:

●  Competitive salary

●  Annual bonus of 25% base salary based on performance

●  24 paid vacation days a year

●  Daily lunch stipend

●  Private health & life insurance

If interested, please apply here.

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