VC Principal @ Red Sea Ventures in New York City, NY

Red Sea Ventures is a leading NY-based, pre-seed and seed stage venture firm investing in tech-enabled, user-centric consumer and consumerized bottom-up B2B startups.  Our portfolio of category-defining companies includes Allbirds, Convoy, Eargo, Genies, Joor, Nest, and Sweetgreen.  We are looking to partner with mission driven founders intent on leaving a positive mark on the world while building venture scale businesses that can transform the economy and the lives of their teams and users.  We are an entrepreneurial firm that values friendliness, humility, camaraderie, collaboration, determination, independence, and hustle with a commitment to performance. We are building RSV as a platform for community; bringing together our visionary founders, LPs, and relationships at large to support the companies we are fortunate to partner with.

The Role

We are hiring a principal to work alongside our 2 partners and team of analysts. You will be an integral part of the team and be exposed to and involved in all aspects of the fund.In your role, you can expect to:

  • Review pitches, meet with companies, conduct research and evaluate products
  • Conduct due diligence (e.g. market analysis, competitive mapping, and financials)
  • Source new deals
  • Perform market research and identify areas of opportunity 
  • Participate in Investment Committee meetings as we discuss new and existing deals
  • Manage CRM and deal pipeline internally working with the partners and analysts
  • Manage the deal diligence process working with the partners and analysts
  • Develop relationships with RSV portfolio companies, founders of future RSV portfolio companies, service providers, and the NY tech ecosystem
  • Attend board meetings and provide ongoing portfolio company support eventually taking board seats or board observer seats
  • Work closely with partners on deal execution, ultimately, running a deal from start to finish including negotiating term sheets

We are looking for this new team member to join our firm for  a minimum of 2 years to participate in this next phase of building a top-tier venture firm.  Note that this is not a “2 years and out” position as we are looking to grow our team over time and promote internally.  Previous team members have gone on to join venture-backed startups, attended top-tier business schools, or joined other leading venture capital firms.


  • Demonstrate strong interest in the digital consumer and B2B software space with the ability to identify and evaluate opportunities in the space
  • 5 – 10 years of professional experience
  • 5-6 years of experience at a top technology, investment banking, consulting, corporate strategy, or venture capital firm with at least 2 of those years in technology or venture capital.
  • Familiarity with standard venture terms, and ability to manage deal execution and document review
  • High attention to detail
  • Excellent written and verbal communication skills
  • Strength in financial modeling and presentation
  • Familiarity and strong network within the startup ecosystem

Below are some of the qualities we are looking for:

  • Happy and Humble: Your friends, family and colleagues would describe you as gregarious, eager to experience the world, optimistic, pleasant to be around, flexible, helpful/always looking to assist those around you, determined to succeed but not at the cost of doing the right thing or treating people well
  • Determined to Win: You rise to the occasion and push yourself to win.  You’ve 
  • Dynamic and Full of Hustle: You always think like an “owner”. You spring to action and are not afraid to get your hands dirty. When facing obstacles, you find ways around them to get results for your team. -Intellectually Curious and Critical Thinker: You love learning new things and going deep on new topics / disciplines. You frequently question the status quo. You exhibit a relentless willingness to pursue the truth.  
  • Passion for Creativity, Technology, and Startups: You likely started coming up with business ideas in high school and may have founded a company early in your career. When you hear about new technology companies, you are filled with enthusiasm for what could be. Many of the people you surround yourself with are people who work in tech, research, innovation, or are creatives.
  • Independent and Self-starter:  While you’ve worked well in teams and thrive on a collective mission, you understand that to move fast you often have to move alone. You don’t need frequent positive reinforcement but you appreciate feedback and transparency as a means to self-improvement. This is also demonstrated by  your strong opinions that are well informed and have a strong ability defending those opinions. 
  • Community Builder: You thrive in group settings and always want to contribute to the community. You’ve likely built a community in the past (at school, via volunteering for a charity or some other social setting).
  • Multi-Tasker and Able to Prioritize: You are able to juggle multiple projects at once and have a system for completing your tasks/projects while able to constantly re-prioritize according to evolving needs.

How to Apply

1. If all of the above excites you, please fill in the RSV questionnaire at the following link.

2. Once completed, we will review your questionnaire and follow up shortly thereafter with next steps.

The overall process will include in person interviews with both partners at the firm. Our goal is to fill the role by September 2021 or sooner.

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