VC President @ Medici Ventures in Midvale, UT

Medici Ventures is a wholly-owned subsidiary of launched in 2014. Our goal is to change the world by advancing blockchain technology. Blockchain technology offers us the chance to replace fear, suspicion, deception and fraud with trust, confidence and the ability to connect and transact freely with all people. We’re working to empower everyone, including the poorest, to participate in local, national, and global markets, and to eliminate costly intermediary industries and middlemen, and to help people connect directly with one another. Help us achieve these goals while working with a high skilled and personable team, with competitive compensation, in a fantastic environment at Medici Ventures.

President – Medici Ventures

Top executive overseeing all strategy and operations for Medici Ventures, the corporate venture capital subsidiary of focused on advancing blockchain technology. Leads management team in developing strategic direction and achieving business goals and objectives. Develops and manages financial plans and budgets. Consults and works with blockchain portfolio companies to enable growth and success. Responsible for recommending follow-on funding for blockchain portfolio companies. Actively helps blockchain portfolio companies get products to market and attract third-party investment capital. Sits on boards of select portfolio companies. Oversees research and analysis of potential blockchain investment opportunities and makes recommendations to the CEO and Medici Ventures’ board of directors. Analyzes blockchain business opportunities and marshals internal and external resources to properly fund projects and get products to market. Influences public perception of emerging technologies including decentralized ledger technology. Manages company’s management team overseeing areas of software development and engineering, operations, information technology, accounting, finance, and legal. Selects, develops, and evaluates personnel to ensure effective operation. Reports to the Overstock/Medici Ventures CEO.

What You Will Do

  • Oversees and directs the annual financial and budgetary activities of a dependent subsidiary of a larger company. Develops long range strategic business plans to ensure growth and outsized returns.
  • Works closely with the Medici Ventures blockchain portfolio companies to ensure their success.
  • Researches sources of potential investment capital from third parties and leverages already existing network of well-known venture capital and other investors for further investment capital acquisition.
  • Leads strategic innovative processes to create blockchain products and technologies that will define the company’s leading position in the marketplace.
  • Researches opportunities for investment and analyzes those opportunities to determine if they meet investment criteria. Prepares investment proposals for CEO and Board consideration and approval. Monitors business activities and evaluates opportunities to distribute operating capital.
  • Devises business strategies and coordinates operational activities among the various departments. Manages general activities related to innovating products and services.
  • Consults and collaborates with various company executives, staff employees, and parent company management to ensure business goals and objectives compliment the larger corporate goals and objectives.
  • Develops relationships with key stakeholders, including board members, major stockholders, government leaders, financial institutions, legal entities, and generally any institution that may have a material impact on the success of the company.
  • Guides business processes designed to ensure that the company follows all corporate operational and financial guidelines.
  • Responsible for reporting on activities of the business to parent company management and board of directors.
  • Oversees the publication of the business reports that document the health of the company, including forecasts for future strategic business plans.
  • Manages company operations and guides the development of policies and procedures that determine how the company will achieve business and financial objectives.

What You Should Have

Senior Executive skills with at least fifteen years of extensive leadership experience building, leading, and exiting a technology company, including executive leadership in at least two major functional business specialties such as finance, accounting, legal, technology, administration, marketing, etc. is required. Prior experience in venture capital highly desired. Must understand and have a vision of the future value of blockchain technology. Must have the highest ability to communicate clearly, concisely, and influentially both verbally and in writing to the most senior members of the company down to the least experienced employee and to all other stakeholders. Must demonstrate a commitment to developing and maintaining a healthy corporate culture. Must demonstrate the vision and passion to translate abstract ideas and concepts and guide company resources toward creating and successfully marketing innovative products and services. Must demonstrate advanced business acumen to understand how every organizational department contributes to form a single cohesive entity. Must demonstrate the ability to critically evaluate organizational performance and have the courage to lead change when change is necessary. Must have a strong, existing network of investment community contacts and be able to locate and acquire investment capital from third parties. Must be able to build a talented leadership team and continuously develop the talent necessary to achieve strategic plans. Must demonstrate advanced decision-making and problem-solving skills when faced with extremely difficult tasks. Must demonstrate advanced time management skills and be able to achieve results under severe time constraints.

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