VC Partner @ Cognity Labs in San Francisco, CA

Cognity Labs is seeking mission-aligned leaders who are interested to bridge Silicon Valley to their home markets in Southeast Asia.  


  • Must be able to attract and recruit advisors for the program 
  • Must be able to market and attract start-ups to join the Cognity Labs program and will be the “face” of Cognity Labs in their home country
  • Run the Cognity Labs program and be the single point-of-contact for the 3 incubated start-ups 
  • Must have an extensive network and be able to build relationships in the start-up ecosystem both in Silicon Valley and their home country (venture capitalists, startup founders, corporate execs, professors) 
  • Must be able to empathize with ASEAN-based entrepreneurs with a keen understanding of local culture and relationships
  • Collaborate with Cognity Labs Operating Partners to co-create the program and improve the services of the firm


  • At least 3-5 years of direct experience in technology, startups, or venture capital
  • Based in SF/Silicon Valley or another tech hub in the US (Seattle, New York, Austin)
  • Be able to work after working hours in the US to able to support start-ups in the working hours of ASEAN timezones
  • Be able to have a conversational proficiency in their local language (Malay)


  • No cash compensation is given to the Partner but rather the shares into the start-ups that they incubate
  • 0.75% of the advisory shares of the companies
  • This is a part-time position that will be at least 10 hours a week (in addition to their full-time role in a separate company)

If interested, please apply here.

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