VC Internship @ Manifold in Remote

Manifold Group is seeking venture analysts and associates to engage across our three divisions (venture, studio, advisory) to participate in a variety of projects focused on analysis and synthesis of information. This is a paid position.

Representative projects might include:

  • Helping a high potential startup figure out their go-to-market and capitalization strategy
  • Working on advisory projects that need some analysis / synthesis of complex issues
  • Helping to review a potential acquisition of a technology and logistics company that’s owned by a big firm that needs to shed assets due to the pandemic
  • Helping describe and organize thoughts on potential incubation concepts to feed to our studio team for consideration
  • Research and report writing on key areas of interest, including viability of tech transfer model for Manifold, future of post secondary education, and more
  • Help us create deal review models / checklists to streamline deal review by category (e.g., SaaS, marketplace)
  • Engaging with key experts within our portfolio to learn their “special sauce” skills and convert them into playbooks we can reuse
  • Deal reviews for potential investments

The role requires exceptional analytical skills, attention to detail, narrative writing skills, financial modeling skills, and a strong drive to exceed expectations. Applicants should be comfortable with ambiguity, very high levels of complexity, and requirements for rapid adaptation. Frequent feedback and support will be available. However, this role will involve significant autonomy; in some cases, applicants will be expected to be resourceful and self-reliant in determining the best path to completing projects.

Some core attributes we’re looking for:

  • Growth Mindset
  • Grit
  • Curiosity
  • Empathy
  • Results orientation
  • Collaborative nature

The company

Manifold Group is a venture holding company based in Chicago with offices in Dallas, Los Angeles, and soon Atlantic Canada. We employ a hybrid in-office / remote working style, although we’re fully remote at least until 2021.

Changing market conditions—driven by technology—combined with excessive amounts of capital seeking a home have squeezed the returns out of the broad swathes of the market from public equities to hedge funds to private equity.

Early stage private investments represent an extraordinary investment opportunity, but existing investment models in the space leave much to be desired.

Manifold Group represents a new model designed to create and capture value at the early stage. Launched ten years ago, Manifold has three divisions:

  • Manifold Ventures invests in extraordinary founders and provides strategic guidance to our portfolio to maximize asset value creation.
  • Manifold Studios partners with extraordinary teams to conceive, build, and scale high growth ventures.
  • Manifold Advisory partners with enterprise clients to help them adapt and grow in the context of an increasingly disruptive economy.


  • Venture Intern title
  • Full time contract position
  • Month-to-month
  • Remote work (at least for now)
  • $2,500 to $5,000 flat per month depending on qualifications and experience
  • Reports ultimately to Joe Dwyer, one of the founding partners, but daily reporting will vary by project(s)
  • We’re growing, so there is a reasonable chance to convert to full time for exceptional performers (but no promises)

If interested, please apply here.

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