VC Internship @ Hatzimemos/Libby in New York City, NY

H/L Ventures is seeking an enthusiastic, innovative, dedicated, and mature VC Intern to join our family. This is a paid, part-time position.

About H/L Ventures

H/L Ventures helps mission-driven founders build inspiring,valuablecompanies from inception to exit. We believe that high returns and high impact are directly linked and our diverse group of founders share that ethos. Our powerful venture studio model supports our companies with daily active engagement, expertise, access, and capital throughout their entrepreneurial journey. We are based in New York City and founded in 2009, and have a track record of growing successful start-ups across many industries. We are committed to a culture of integrity, excellence, and hard work. 

H/L Ventures works with companies from co-founding onward, using different vehicles. At our H/L studio, we start early, ranging from co-founding to just before a Series A. For companies at Series A and later, the opportunity goes to our opportunity fund, which invests in both our studio companies as they grow and new companies that we meet at a later stage. Regardless of entry point, we provide holistic, relevant support through every stage of growth.

The Position

H/L seeks an enthusiastic, innovative, dedicated, and mature VC Intern to join our family. This is a paid, part-time position. We are looking for a professional with a passion for entrepreneurship, social impact, and working hands on with early stage companies. The Intern would support our Associate and other key staff members. The primary activities for the VC Intern are to assist in H/L’s first line evaluation of start-ups, due diligence process, and support of existing portfolio companies. H/L is building a new model for venture, and our VC Intern will be a crucial part of our team, based in New York City.

Areas of responsibilities: Sourcing and Due Diligence

·        Conducting general market research in sectors of interest

·        Proactively seeking potential candidate companies

·        Reviewing business plans, financial models, and other due diligence materials of potential candidate companies, including performing financial modeling, deal structure analysis, and product testing

·        Taking part in phone screens and meetings during the due diligence process

·        Produce internal memos and diligence reports on candidate companies

·        Managing databases of opportunities and relevant relationships

Portfolio Company Growth & Platform Activities

·        Taking part in regular calls/meetings with existing portfolio companies

·        Assisting in projects, analysis, and other value-add work for existing portfolio


·        Leveraging H/L’s powerful ecosystem of staff, Venture Partners, Advisors, and investors


·        Please note that H/L maintains virtually daily contact with our portfolio companies, so it is expected that the Intern will be able to dynamically support various portfolio company needs.

Key Traits

The ideal candidate will demonstrate a number of important characteristics,

including being:

·        Committed. Passion for positive social impact; deep sense of integrity and exceptional judgment.

·        Professional. Exhibit a high degree of professionalism and discretion, including situation-appropriate work and communication style.

·        Hard-Working. Possessing a strong work ethic, responsive, and detailed. Stays until the job is done.

·        Positive. Helpful can-do attitude as a mature team player; strong ability to build and curate

relationships and trust; do-any-job attitude.

·        Proactive. Confident, with the ability to work flexibly and autonomously in an open-ended, self-directed work culture, especially given H/L’s compact team and relatively unstructured office environment.

·        Critical Thinker. Creative, intellectually curious, analytical, and truly engaged by difficult questions and new models.

·        Organized. Advanced organization and multitasking skills, allowing effective prioritization and meeting deadlines without fail.

·        Communicative. Possessing strong communications skills (written, verbal, and interpersonal), especially as the Intern will often be talking to entrepreneurs and stakeholders on behalf of the firm.

·        Technically-Adept. Proficient in Microsoft Office Suite, other technical and product-related skills beneficial; facility with Pitchbook and other research tools helpful

·        Academically Qualified. Excellent academic performance; at least a Bachelor’s Degree. Candidates currently pursuing an MBA are preferred.

To Apply

Interested candidates should send an email to with

the subject line: VC Intern Candidate as well as the following information.

·        Your LinkedIn Profile and Resume

·        A brief description about you and why you’re interested in the role

·        A paragraph on an industry sector/vertical that you’re particularly excited about and see future growth in

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