VC Internship @ Equal Ventures in

We’re kicking off our summer 2021 MBA intern recruiting process and this year we’re looking to bring on a few team members with previous experience across 3 of our core focus areas: InsuranceSupply Chain / Logistics, & Climate / Energy. Our summer interns work with our investment team to research specific industry themes and analyze investment opportunities in support of our thesis-driven approach.

The ideal candidates will have previously worked in 1 of these 3 verticals either directly at a company operating in the space or would have had exposure to the industry through a role in consulting, banking, or investing.

Our internship program will run for 10 weeks in the summer and will be remote. All internships include a stipend.

For additional context on some of the themes we’re excited about within these industries, please see our 2021 outlook posts on InsuranceSupply Chain / Logistics, & Climate / Energy.

Ideal Candidate

  • Experience working at a company across 1 of the 3 noted sectors or has worked with such companies through a consulting, banking, or investing role
  • Intellectually Curious — Insatiable thirst for knowledge on how / why things work
  • Professional — Takes immense pride in the detail, thoroughness, accuracy and overall quality of their work. Capable of engaging and developing relationships with industry leaders, founders and other investors in accordance with the Equal brand
  • Self-directed — Works with team members to complete tasks without someone looking over their shoulder
  • Friendly — We like nice people, no egos

Application Instructions

If you’d like to apply, please email (subject line: MBA Intern) with your resume, LinkedIn profile and please answer the following questions:

  1. Which of the listed sectors do you have previous experience with? Please share a bit about your relevant experience.
  2. What are you hoping to get out of this opportunity?
  3. What do you like to read or listen to? This could include books, podcasts, blogs, newsletters, journals, magazines, etc.
  4. What are 1–2 activities that any venture firm should be thinking of doing today given the evolving nature of venture?

We will follow up directly if your background and experience is a fit.

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