Vice President of Innovation @ United Parcel Service in Atlanta, GA

UPS is seeking an innovative and forward-thinking Vice President (VP) of Advanced Technology to identify and execute transformative opportunities for the company and its customers. He/She oversees and monitors key advanced technology innovation initiatives. This position creates a culture that fosters innovation to turn good ideas and initiatives into tangible and measurable improvements. The VP helps set the long-term direction of business units and/or functions by better leveraging advanced technology and innovation. This position also interfaces with external executives and government officials, customers and industry associates and actively participates in national and international professional organizations (e.g., venture capital organizations, universities, etc.) to develop relationships. He/She stays abreast of customer, industry, and technology trends, while managing directors and managers. If you’re looking for an exciting and challenging leadership opportunity with the world’s most successful transportation company, we want to hear from you!

Responsibilities and Duties

  • Develops and updates enterprise technology strategy
  • Landscapes emerging technologies and matches to UPS opportunities
  • Develops and leads innovation projects and programs to execute on advanced technology initiatives and to influence senior leadership for industry-leading solutions
  • Engages industry resources and partnerships to identify best-in-class emerging technologies for sustaining strong economic growth
  • Prioritizes framework and program management
  • Engages senior leadership to establish successful working relationships, socialize ideas/programs/projects, solicit feedback, and to gain support of strategic initiatives.
  • Represents UPS in discussions with executives from competitors and adjacent markets to determine appropriate acquisition, divestiture, joint ventures, and/or partnership targets
  • Represents UPS as a speaker at universities and numerous business events (e.g., panels, conferences, etc.) to develop external relationships, enhance industry knowledge, monitor trends, and build the organization’s brand as a thought leader
  • Guides strategic Venture Fund Investments to target technology opportunities
  • Manages resources and people processes (e.g., Performance Management, Career Development, Succession Planning, Salary Administration, Training, Staffing, etc.) to ensure the day-to-day administration of processes and formal procedures
  • Identifies individual and team skill gaps and developmental opportunities (e.g., training, special assignments, projects, etc.) to facilitate individual and team development
  • Ensures that direct and indirect reports have documented, strategically aligned career goals and detailed plans for achieving goals to advance the development of their personal and professional growth

Knowledge and Skills

  • Synthesizes information and facts to draw supported conclusions and insights; demonstrates logic, rationality, and objectivity in drawing conclusions, defining solution options and decision making
  • Monitors the business need to identify any changes; breaks the business down into smaller components to better prioritize where attention should be focused; identifies related business needs; knowledgeable about what information to look at to make an assessment; demonstrates a thorough understanding of the business’ long-term needs; creates solutions designed to fit current and future needs
  • Integrates industry, technological, financial, and global trends, and sets strategies based on trends
  • Collaborates with relevant departments to communicate implications of technological or regulatory matters; supports, as necessary, the business justification for necessary actions
  • Demonstrates a detailed understanding of business requirements or critical elements of a complex problem; develops creative, feasible, and integrated solutions that address multiple aspects of complex business problems
  • Identifies cultural issues that may impact business needs or customer solutions; applies cultural sensitivity when interacting with others outside one’s own geography; leverages cultural awareness to address challenges when operating across different geographical areas; stays current on global and cultural trends
  • Negotiates agreements in complex situations; anticipates objections and overcomes resistance; creates future negotiation processes or strategies; helps stakeholders understand the possible implications of decisions; consistently negotiates for successful outcomes or profitable deals
  • Develops project management plans and leads the implementation for moderately complex and medium duration projects as well as basic programs; defines most of the initiatives project needs and cross-functional roles/responsibilities throughout the project life cycle; develops recommendations on best way to fulfill the project requirements given the current project and organizational dynamics; overcomes basic organizational resistance to cross-functional demands; demonstrates ability to successfully apply the project management discipline and remains current on project management practices and tools
  • Prioritizes complex, material, and/or multi-functional risks to the enterprise; coordinates and provides governance over risk treatments; develops business continuity plans to improve preparedness and response capabilities

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