Vice President – Early Stage Practice VC Job at SVB Capital in NYC

The primary responsibility of a Vice President in the Early Stage Practice (“ESP”) at Silicon Valley Bank is to act as an evangelist and ambassador for the practice in a regional market while engaging and building deep and authentic relationships with pre-Series A founders, clients, prospects and partners. Early stage constituencies include law firms, accelerators/incubators, academic institutions and universities, industry groups, industry events, not-for-profits, and early stage investors (emerging managers).

The Vice President will source, advocate for, and manage relationships and partnerships with key market groups and constituencies, and be responsible for driving measurable ROI via market share analysis, evangelist team coverage and engagement, and relationship development. The Vice President will contribute to the regional team’s goals associated with relationship banking, product adoption, revenue and client satisfaction. This individual must also build relationships internally within SVB to ensure open communication, collaboration, and knowledge-sharing across groups.

As an ambassador for SVB, the Vice President will be personally active in the market and represent SVB at important industry events and work with team to deliver (educational and advisory) content for founders. The Vice President will share market insights, intel, and recommendations with the team to further refine SVB’s strategy, priorities, partnerships and origination channels.

This individual will report to the East Coast Lead of the Early Stage Practice and play a key role in managing the day-to-day coverage of the regional team portfolio, both internally and externally.

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