VC Vice President @ Siemens Healthineers in Mountain View, CA

Healthcare is changing and we’re already thinking about what’s next. Can you help us launch the technologies and innovations of tomorrow?

We are the Digital Incubator of Siemens Healthineers, a global community of designers, engineers, investors and entrepreneurs at the intersection of health and technology. We invent, build and operate solutions that the world’s best health systems rely on.

We’re growing our footprint in Silicon Valley to create new ventures and invest in promising startups. Together, we will modernize healthcare by infusing cutting edge technology into an industry primed for innovation and are assembling a stellar team to exploit this opportunity.

Your Role And Responsibilities

As Head of Venture Strategy for the Digital Incubator, you will develop and maintain a catalog of problems worth solving and support the exploration, validation, and prototyping stages for all our ventures.

You will build and lead a team to serve as our primary interface with the strategy and business development groups of our global business units, as well as the innovation and venture divisions of our customers and partners. Your work and recommendations will form the basis of our investment thesis in the US and around the world, with a special focus on China and India.

In the first year you will…

  • Conduct research to frame burning problems as potential opportunities
  • Connect with startup communities and flag opportunities for investment
  • Share explorations with our Advisory Board and other experts for feedback
  • Invite customers to co-sponsor ventures via access to their staff and facilities
  • Complete validation deep dives and share all insights with our co-sponsors
  • Recruit and onboard founding teams and board of directors for each venture
  • License relevant IP from Siemens Healthineers and our co-creation partners
  • Help portfolio companies achieve product-market fit and raise more capital

Your Skills And Experience

You know healthcare and understand venture capital. You are comfortable navigating massive corporations and guiding tiny startups. You are disciplined and methodical in your approach but prepared to take calculated risks. You appreciate that modernizing healthcare everywhere is a big hairy audacious goal, but you find yourself energized by it. And you’re ready for a global stage.

Our ideal candidate lives at the intersection of strategy, innovation and venture capital and has:

  • Extensive background in healthcare-related innovation and investments
  • High level of intellectual curiosity and self-motivated to tackle difficult issues
  • Expertise driving market research, quantitative analysis, and financial analysis
  • Proficiency managing multiple projects and workstreams simultaneously
  • Familiarity with design thinking and human-centered research practices
  • Comfortable in an environment where ideas are shared and challenged
  • Strong bias towards action with excellent written and presentation skills
  • Undergraduate and postgraduate degrees which demonstrate analytical rigor
  • 10+ years management experience building and scaling high performing teams

Your Personality and Attitude

We Will Give Preference To Candidates Who Are

Of course, finding the right fit involves more than responsibilities and experience. A lot comes down to personality and drive.

  • Methodical. You are organized, analytical and disciplined in your approach.
  • Knowledgeable. You are able to clearly formulate and articulate your views.
  • Professional. You uphold the highest ethical and professional standards. Always.


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