VC Vice President @ Point 72 Ventures in Palo Alto, CA

Point72 Ventures is the early-stage venture capital strategy funded exclusively by Steve Cohen and eligible employees of Point72. We invest in entrepreneurs who are transforming the economy through advances in financial technology , artificial intelligence and cyber security & enterprise infrastructure. Our team of top-tier investment professionals evaluate and engage the companies selected to be a part of our investment portfolio.


Position Description

We’re looking for an experienced, driven individual to lead industry exploration and analysis for our investments and buyouts. We are theme-driven investors who focus on industries where we believe machine learning can be transformative. Before our initial venture investments, we first validate industries as potential investment targets – the primary job of the Research Team. After our venture investments, we give our portfolio companies a meaningful edge by acquiring incumbent businesses for them in order to enable such transformation. We expect this individual to run a world-class process for finding, understanding, and characterizing the industries where our model will succeed.


This investment team role will lead the critical first step of our investment process from which all our deals manifest.

The role includes:

  • Defining the playbook to inform analysis on where we should make investments within and across industries
  • Conducting rigorous industry research, assessing underlying technology, growth, margins, fragmentation, competitive landscape, gathering key operating metrics and activities, mapping industry value chain, speaking with experts, understanding trends, and developing theses
  • Working closely with investment and technical team members to test hypotheses and analyze for potential margin expansion through machine learning technologies
  • Assessing historical investment and M&A activity for valuation metrics
  • Generating a strong pipeline of ideas on industries and sub-sectors to explore for potential investment


This role does not include:

  • Deal-specific sourcing and execution



  • MBA degree
  • Experience at a top-tier strategy consulting firm
  • Passion for artificial intelligence, machine learning, and related technologies
  • Be inquisitive and analytical through gathering and synthesizing information, having the ability to analyze situations, draw appropriate conclusions and articulate a thesis


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