VC Professional @ Rokk3r in Miami, FL

Rokk3r works with corporate partners and entrepreneurs to exponentially transform existing businesses or create new ventures leveraging our ecosystem (talent, shared services, experience, and networks). From business diagnosis to strategy design, execution and funding, Rokk3r helps companies augment and transform exponentially.

Venture Champion Job Description

As a Venture Champion for a new Rokk3r venture you will act as a business-focused cofounder. Leveraging the Rokk3r Think and Cobuild teams, process, and infrastructure to define early strategy, validate and develop an early MVP, and launch the venture with a strong focus on generating traction and enough evidence to justify the Venture’s “investability”. Joining our team will be challenging yet fulfilling and will provide invaluable experience in company building. The Venture Champion will have ownership of and equity stake in the new company.

The Venture Champion:

  • Works with the Rokk3r think team to understand the business opportunity and high level strategic goals
  • Works with Rokk3r product team to validate MVP concepts and gain insights through prototyping and user research
  • Helps define and, in partnership with product team, supervises the development of an early MVP within 3-4 months
  • Leads the development or fundraising materials (decks, financial models)
  • Interphases with Rokk3r leadership and partners to report on progress and define go to market strategy
  • Leads early go to market efforts, with the goal of gathering enough traction to make a case for further venture funding
  • Helps find and recruit talent for the venture once funding is achieved


The ideal candidate will be self-driven, adaptable, resourceful and able to apply their entrepreneurial experience and analytical thinking to go from exponential opportunity to investable company. Candidate will have prior start-up experience (regardless of outcome). An understanding of technology, prior experience developing a digital product, experience in digital marketing or B2B sales and/or experience raising venture capital are a plus.

Working at Rokk3r requires passion, creativity, flexibility and dedication. For our partners to go from “think phase (idea)” to “scale (investable company)” your resourcefulness and commitment are needed from day one. We are a diverse team working across industries and countries in a fast-paced, demanding environment, ideally suited for a strong strategic leader with the ability to build trusting relationships with both colleagues and investors.

Industry experience in insurance, financial services, logistics, or retail are highly desired as well as knowledge of emerging technology areas including, but not limited to blockchain, machine learning/AI, and IoT.


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