VC Principal @ NFX in San Francisco, CA

Our New Investor. Hello.

We are NFX, one of the fastest growing seed venture funds in the US.

Before NFX, we started 10 companies that exited for over $10 billion.

We’ve recently closed a 2nd fund of $275 Million
[], just 18 months after our
debut fund

Now we’re looking to expand our investing team. But, we’re not looking to hire just anyone …

This is an unusual job that requires a unique background.

We’re putting this role out there for Karma. If you’re the best person in the world for this, you’ll find your way to us.

Who are you?

You are one amazing human being. Strong at heart, generous in Spirit. Charismatic, perceptive, humble, driven, humorous, and confident…by that we mean not just “I can do it” confident, but “It’s ok if I can’t do it” confident. You’re a natural psychologist. You understand people and see patterns. You see things others do not about both people and the mechanisms that make businesses work.

You’ve got a lot of hustle. This is a service job. In fact, it’s a sales job. You’re selling money and expertise for equity. Founders are our clients, and VC is now a highly competitive sport that requires speed, decisiveness, empathy, dexterity, patience, endurance.

You’ve been a successful operator or founder, preferably in the SF Bay Area. You’ve raised venture capital and know the drill first hand. You have a strong network in the Bay Area. You’re someone that Founders admire and respect, and can learn from.

You want to be in it for the long run and build something that endures. You like being on a team. You care more about doing right than being right.

Your orientation is to create value, not capture value. You are passionate about helping founders fulfil their visions and know the only way to succeed as an investor is to be instrumental to them during that journey.

We will probably *not* be a good fit for you if: You’ve always succeeded at everything; you think investing is glamorous; you think investing will be a more balanced lifestyle than running a company; you want to work alone; you really like the Rosewood Hotel on Sand Hill; or you’re trying to decide whether to live in the Bay Area or somewhere else.

What is NFX like?

We run our venture firm like a startup.

In addition to investing, we write code, develop content, make connections, and build exceptional leaders.

Here are some of the software products we’re building for the startup ecosystem:

  • Signal [], The network of VC’s and Founders
  • The Company Brief [], tool for Founders to pitch VC’s
  • VC Match [], where Founders find their best fit

This is some of the content we’ve produced:
We pride ourselves on seeing things others do not and then being able to clearly articulate the frameworks & lessons so founders can navigate better. We are experts in network effects, growth, and fundraising. We are known to have a unique ability to relate to those we invest in.

Our super power is the team, 22 fire-in-the-belly individuals
[]. We operate as a team, not with silo-ed Partners operating independently. We have fun and laugh a lot.

We have a mission to help keep Silicon Valley a “creativity-first” culture and avoid becoming a “money-first” culture. We think that drives higher returns, is better for us as people, and better for the ecosystem as a whole.

We believe our job begins when we invest. The real work is the genuine partnership we bring to each company, which we know is a rarity. It’s rooted in respect for the journey they’re undertaking, and gratitude to be on the ride alongside them.

We invest in early stage startups – pre seed, seed, post seed and Series A. We lead 90% of the time. We are hands on helping with strategy, product, team, and the other critical aspects of companies. We are all founders many times over, so we have been in their shoes and are often their best source of advice.

This is the venture firm we wish existed when we were running startups.

We’ve invested in companies like Trulia, Lyft, Houzz, DoorDash, Poshmark, Honeybook, and Patreon, and we’ve already been the first money in standout companies such as
Mammoth Biosciences
[], the high profile CRISPR platform,
[] and
Ribbon [], and many others

This position is based out of the Bay Area, but our offices are in San Francisco, Palo Alto and Herzilya, Israel.

If you’re the right person for this, you’ll find your way to us.

Come to us oh-mighty-one…

Send us:

  • Your LinkedIn profile or resume
  • A note on why you want be part of the NFX investor team, and why you’re the most qualified.

IF interested, please apply here.

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