VC Principal @ MassVentures in Boston, MA


There are three primary responsibilities of a vice president at MassVentures:

First, represent MassVentures in the Massachusetts entrepreneurial community through active personal involvement in the various organizations and conferences and supporting entrepreneurship by judging pitch competitions, providing feedback to those raising capital, and providing business advice.

Second, source and execute new investment opportunities.  This includes reviewing business plans, meeting with prospective companies, conducting detailed due diligence, presenting investment recommendations to the staff and Board of Directors, and negotiating deal terms and investment documents.

Third, monitoring the performance of the portfolio companies and managing the investment in a company, as either a board member or observer, by suggesting financing and operating strategies, introducing sources of business finance and management assistance, providing feedback to entrepreneurs regarding their performance, collaborating with co-investors regarding exit strategies and recommending to the President and Board appropriate actions to be taken by MassVentures.

Other responsibilities include undertaking special assignments that are directed by the President, writing investment reports, and building financial models.

Candidates for this position are required to meet the following criteria:

  • An undergraduate, and preferably a graduate degree, with course work indicating successful accomplishment in subjects related to engineering or marketing.
  • Five years of decision-making experience in areas such as operational management of a business or investing.
  • A strong interest in technology-oriented businesses and demonstrated aptitude to quickly understand complex and new products, systems, innovations and business concepts based upon technology, particularly related to their market opportunities and obstacles.
  • A demonstrated ability to effectively interact with and influence a wide variety of people from a 24 year old founder to a seasoned co-investor.
  • A demonstrated capacity to form sound judgments regarding the capacities, character and experiences of entrepreneurial teams and ability to advocate prudent investments in very high-risk businesses.
  • A demonstrated commitment to high ethical and professional standards.
  • A team player that develops working relationships with all professional and support staff.

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