VC Principal @ Illinois Ventures in Chicago, IL

The system office seeks a Visiting Senior Director to, support efforts that fulfill the purpose and mission of IllinoisVENTURES, LLC. Specifically, to assist with the management of the Illinois VENTURES seed fund and the Illinois Emerging Technologies Funds (together the “Funds”) and to promote the development of new companies commercializing university technologies through such activities as assisting the companies in obtaining seed and venture capital funding, recruiting management talent, developing business plans, and obtaining necessary business services.

Additional responsibilities include:

  • In partnership with IllinoisVENTURES’ senior team, provide leadership and management support for IllinoisVENTURES and the operations of the entire Organization including but not limited to mandatory reporting, board meeting preparation and auditing activities. 
  • Provide leadership and management of the IllinoisVENTURES seed portfolio working collaboratively with portfolio company leads to provide overall management and reporting on the seed portfolio both current and past activities.
  • Identify opportunities for seed and series A investments that are consistent with each Fund’s investment objectives, review and evaluate such opportunities, and present them to the operating group along with recommendation as to which investments, if any, should be made.
  • Assist in negotiating, structuring and consummating investments made by the Funds, including the performance of due diligence, and the negotiation of agreements, contracts, documents, certificates, permits or instruments relating to investments, and any other related services.
  • Play an active role in identifying and leading investments in both the IllinoisVENTURES and Illinois Emerging Technologies Funds portfolios, including working on the quarterly reporting process, valuation memos and follow-on funding memo creation.
  • Assist in management of the Funds’ portfolio of investments on an ongoing basis, including monitoring and oversight of portfolio companies, oversight of liquidity transactions, recommendations to which investments, if any, should be sold or distributed, making distributions and any other related services.
  • Assist in fundraising efforts for the future Funds raised by IllinoisVENTURES.
  • Deliver best-of-class services working closely with the Office of the Vice President for Economic Development and Innovation,  CEO and Managing Director and the Directors of the UIC and UIUC OTM and EnterpriseWorks. Assist University efforts to attract and retain faculty by providing opportunities and support for business ventures and commercialization of the University’s intellectual property.
  • Provide leadership in the development, implementation and oversight of policies and procedures for investing the Funds and supporting technology commercialization and economic development activities.
  • Develop relationships with sources of investment capital, including individual and networks or angel investors, venture capitalists and investment bankers with the intent to support and promote University startup companies.
  • Provide support and guidance to University faculty and staff startup companies, including business plan development, strategic planning, management recruitment, and other assistance required to insure investor preparedness.
  • Provide business development and support services to startup companies who are tenants or prospective tenants in University incubator facilities.
  • Provide leadership for the Funds investment evaluation, including review of proposals for commercialization of technology and identification of opportunities for assistance and investment. Track and report on the progress of the Funds investment opportunities.
  • Engage with the University’s Offices of Technology Management (OTM) to facilitate commercialization of technology originated or developed by faculty, staff and/or students of the University of Illinois.
  • Implement programs and initiatives designed to stimulate the development of successful commercial entities and increase the likelihood of a new venture receiving additional rounds of funding beyond the initial seed stage.
  • Promote and facilitate awareness of new venture creation and startup funding issues among faculty, staff and students and strengthen ties with industry to support and promote University programs and technology.
  • Provide such other services as may be necessary or appropriate to or required by the Funds as IllinoisVENTURES and the general partners may agree upon.
  • Other duties and responsibilities as assigned by the CEO & Managing Director or as appropriate for a Visiting Senior Director (Principal Role).

Candidates must possess a bachelor’s degree in related field with a minimum of seven to ten years of business, consulting, financial, business development or investing experience.  Other requirements include: senior level management and operating experience; demonstrated leadership in early-stage commercialization activities, as well as private sector or startup experience; demonstrated experience in project management; strong leadership skills; strong interpersonal talents, including solid; communication, negotiation, networking and teamwork skills; proven ability to interact with a wide variety of internal and external constituencies. Graduate or professional degree in an appropriate field (business, law, engineering, science, medicine or other professional degree) preferred.


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