VC Principal @ Felix Capital in London, United Kingdom

We’re looking for a highly motivated and talented individual to join the Felix team. You should have demonstrated a passion for digital, entrepreneurship and for the digital lifestyle segments we focus on, and show potential to fully immerse yourself into the start-up ecosystem. We’re a small team at Felix, be ready to get your hands dirty!

You will

  • Work directly with senior team members to source, evaluate and manage deals and projects
  • Monitor, track and build relationships with founders, operators and start-ups relevant to our themes and be proactive with deep dives, sector mapping and network building; Be a star in deal sourcing & screening
  • Build expertise in themes of interest within digital lifestyle sectors (e.g. digital brands, marketplaces, well-being, SaaS for retail or marketing, ecommerce technologies,…)
  • Manage part of the investment process (financial and commercial due diligence, oversight of legal workflow)
  • Work with and support our portfolio companies, including on boards
  • Represent Felix Capital at industry events and in the tech/consumer community (both offline and online)
  • Come up with great productivity suggestions/tools in order to do things better and more efficiently



  • Graduated from a top tier university
  • A minimum of 3/4+ years of experience with some exposure to digital, for instance, within a start-up, leading tech company, management consultancy or investment bank
  • A multicultural background is a plus, you have explored the world and ideally speak several languages
  • Ideally some form of entrepreneurial experience, not necessarily for profit
  • An ability to build and maintain good relationships with people
  • Curiosity, passion, a lot of energy, ambition and a great sense of humour (or at least one we can understand)
  • Many great apps on your phone that you would like to share with us


If you join us we aim to provide you with

  • Amazing learning opportunities as a key member of our investment team
  • A passion for our target segments in digital lifestyle and for entrepreneurs in general
  • A wide-angle view of the digital lifestyle industry with many concepts, a lot of pitches and real data points on how start-ups perform
  • Coaching on our investment style, i.e. conviction-led, humble, hard-working and aligned with entrepreneurs, as outlined in our Manifesto
  • A great network, across Europe and the US
  • Exposure to our Portfolio and our Advisor group

If interested, please apply here.

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