VC Partner @ Web3 Capital in San Francisco, CA

The emerging Web3 space encompasses the next generation of Internet technologies, infrastructure, products, and services. Decentralized protocols, cryptographically ensured security, and token-based economics are major themes in this evolution. We are in the early stages of a technology revolution where digital assets are enabling programmatic contracts and trustless interactions, allowing censorship resistance, and empowering users with ownership of their own data. Web3 Capital’s mission is to invest in those select startups that are creating the next and better version of the Internet – Web3.

We are an emerging investment fund lead by Partners with a background in crypto investing, looking to expand our team with a Venture Partner. The successful candidate will source, evaluate and execute investments in the decentralized ecosystem. We are based in the San Francisco Bay Area, but you can potentially be anywhere in the world. The role is flexible for the time being, so you can potentially stay at your current firm and join us in a part time capacity.

Candidates should have either extensive investment experience in early stage venture capital or investment experience in the crypto sector, ideally both.


  • Proactively source a pipeline of high quality deal flow worldwide within the blockchain / crypto / digital assets space
  • Contribute to ongoing fundraising with family offices, multi-family offices, fund of funds, VC firms, sovereign wealth funds, and other institutional investors
  • Perform due diligence and research on early stage crypto startups and their viability as investments
  • Attend conferences in various parts of the world to source new deals
  • Meet with teams in person to conduct diligence on potential investments
  • Contribute to execution of deals that are selected to be investments
  • Help grow the firm in anticipation of Fund II


  • Deep knowledge of the decentralized ecosystem, underlying technologies, subsectors, and players
  • Strong rolodex of individuals and firms within the industry that can help with deal sourcing
  • Prior experience investing at a venture capital firm or corporate venture unit
  • Highly motivated individual that wants to eat what they hunt
  • Proactive personality that enjoys finding hidden gems and leveraging their network to do so
  • A technical background combined with an MBA or business degree is ideal


If interested, please apply here.

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