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VC Manager @ Saudi Aramco in Al-Dhahran, Saudi Arabia

Investment Managers are deal leaders, accountable for all aspects of investment cycle and portfolio management. Investment Managers represent the firm in various important occasions.

  • Investment:
    • Lead a team of investment professionals and advisors to identify and evaluate opportunities, conduct commercial/financial/legal due diligence
    • Create investment cases, investment conclusions and present to Managing Director and Investment Committee
    • Lead or assist CIO in negotiation and structuring complex transactions
    • Finalize term sheet, contracts and other transactional documents
  • Portfolio management
    • Represent the VC firm for board observer capacity and shareholder fiduciary duties
    • Provide comprehensive solutions to business challenges related to productivity, operational excellence, transformation, implementation, and change management for portfolio companies
    • Provide support and consultancy to portfolio companies in formulating go-to-market strategy, business development, partnership, value-enhancing initiatives, fundraising, exiting etc.
    • Monitor quarterly updates of portfolio companies and industry dynamics to make sure portfolio companies going on the right track and follow up on possible additional investments
    • Develop exit plans and actively take actions to realize those plans
    • Present exit decision to CIO, MD and Investment Committee
  • Fund operations:
    • Develop deep sector expertise and sector-focused networks, disseminate the expertise via internal reports, external reports and presentations
    • Represent the VC firm in roundtables, events, meetings and conferences etc.
    • Develop and maintain relationships with external community, senior management and investors
    • Contribute to the firm’s organizational development and scaling internal functions
    • Support Partners on general management of the fund, including but not limited to investor outreach, fundraising, branding, marketing etc.
    • Coach and mentor a team of investment professionals, including but not limited to giving direction, providing feedback and focus resources of the most impactful investments opportunities.


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August 9, 2018 at 3:10 pm

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