VC Manager @ Middle East Investment Initiative in Jordan

MEII is seeking a Fund Manager for a proposed risk capital fund to invest in small and medium enterprises (SMEs) in the MENA region. The Fund Manager will lead the Fund’s investments across the region.

Although this posting lists Jordan as the job location, the fund management team can be based in any major city in one of the initial MENA countries selected for investment (see below). The Fund Manager will oversee the investment operations of the Fund’s five host‐country offices. It is anticipated that the Fund Manager will spend approximately 20‐40% (depending on the year and funding) of his/her professional time traveling within MENA in addition to periodic trips to Washington and to the European locations of some of the Fund’s anticipated investors.

The Fund Manager will report to MEII’s Executive Vice President. He/she will be responsible for all of the Fund Manager’s duties and the Fund’s obligations as outlined in a Fund Management Agreement between the managent company (which will be estabished) and the Fund itself. More specifically, the Fund Manager will be responsible for managing the in‐country principal investment officers, creating and defending the Fund’s annual budget, presenting Investment Memoranda to the Fund’s Investment Committee for approval of investments, raising additional capital for the Fund and overseeing the preparation of reports to the equity investors and others stakeholders.

The Fund Manager will be held accountable for the quality of the Fund’s portfolio; the achievement of disbursements to investee SMEs, receipt of revenues, achieving developmental targets; and compliance with the Fund’s Investment Policy Guidelines and host‐country laws.

Candidates for Fund Manager of the Fund will have had on‐the‐ground business experience in MENA and be familiar with the varying cultural and political characteristics of MENA countries. Fluency in both English and Arabic is required (level 4 or 5 on the ILR scale of 1 to 5); French is a plus. We believe this will foster direct communications with many of our existing loan officers based in the region, as well as enable direct dialogue with potential investors, clients and other stakeholders. Prior experience in venture capital, financial sector or private equity is an asset but not required. Experience in operating a business and/or providing management consulting services is an asset. The candidate must have a demonstrable and deep understanding of the financial statements of private operating companies. Track record of successful investments in regional and/or in SMEs is an asset.

The Fund’s investment strategy calls for local investment personnel to have close and frequent interaction with the Fund’s portfolio investees. While the Fund Manager will have significantly less personal contact with investee entrepreneurs, the following are personal characteristics which the ideal candidate will share with in‐ country staff in dealing with them and their investee entrepreneurs:

  • Exposure to business conducted in developing and transition economies as well as to international standards of business and personal behavior through having worked or studied in both developing and developed market environments;
  • A keen understanding of the differences between developed and developing/emerging markets;
  • Evidence that the candidate likes entrepreneurs, enjoys their company, and has empathy for entrepreneurs and people in general; and
  • Experience indicating an ability to recognize patterns in the behavior of entrepreneurs, businesses, and markets.

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