VC Manager @ FF Venture Capital in New York City, NY

ff VC is a seed-first, high touch venture capital firm that believes deeply in collaboration to help early stage companies build technology that will change the experiences of millions of people. Our office is based in New York.

We’re looking to add two Partner Operations Managers (similar to Chief of Staff roles) to our team who will work directly with Partners John Frankel and AJ Plotkin. This role will extend across all functions, including reviewing new investment opportunities, special projects, portfolio engagement, communications, and management of administrative responsibilities,

helping our investment team by developing and managing processes to accelerate the growth of our founders.

This role is a balance between critical thinking, creativity, and thorough execution. In total, in involves responsibilities and exposures to all aspects of a Partner’s professional life.

Responsibilities Include:

  • Initiating and leading special projects (building internal products and programs, research deep dives)
  • Managing partner projects and events
  • Qualifying, managing, and tracking new investment opportunities with an understanding of the Investing Partner’s goals and expertise.
  • Conducting research and diligence on potential investments, and creating analysis for presentation to Partners.
  • Keeping an ear to the ground on trends in our portfolio and our industries of focus.
  • Managing and tracking communications and relationships within the firm, founder community, and partner networks.
  • Managing partner projects, events, meetings and engagements, and accompanying logistics.
  • Acting as a point of contact for Partner administrative needs, working closely with the other Partner Operations Manager, Partners, and Acceleration Team as necessary.
  • Represent the Partnership at company meetings and other events, and reporting back on key information and insights.
  • Overseeing scheduling and contact management
  • Other responsibilities that will come up that could add exceptional value for our founders.

These positions are not:

  • Completely glamorous. Partners’ work lives include everything from heavy time on emails to setting up travel for board meetings, managing calendars to tracking expenses. This role will ask you to spend a non-trivial amount of time doing the same. It takes a lot of logistical thinking, execution, and diving in on processes to make everything work overall.
  • Analyst or Associate positions. You’ll get to dive into the NYC tech ecosystem from the Partner’s perspective and learn what it takes to run a firm and support the growth of startups.
  • Focused on finding new investments. These positions are focused on helping our partners effectively examine and prioritize our current deal flow.

Who we are seeking:

  • A variety backgrounds could set you up for this role, including having experience in media, startups, finance, and consulting. If it’s been fast-paced, and you’ve learned how to execute, that is what matters most. 

How you would describe yourself:

  • You can get things done fast and with an eagle’s eye for execution – the details matter to you. You are completely reliable, and exceptionally organized.
  • You believe deeply in teamwork, who can take initiative when you see opportunities to build value.
  • You are a creative thinker that can deftly apply logic and analysis to make a case, asking the questions that are needed, listening and learning along the way.
  • You might not come from venture capital, but you have a passion to learn about the field and an eagerness to do so fast.
  • You intuitively know how to communicate across a variety of contexts – when the situation calls for concision and clarity, a reconciliation of information, or an assertion of judgment, whether it is with veteran founders, seasoned investors, or experienced CEO’s.
If interested, please apply here.
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