VC Investment Team Member @ Comet Labs in San Francisco, CA

Comet Labs is an early stage venture fund & platform focused on supporting B2B intelligent machine (AI and Robotics) startups. We’re looking to welcome four new members with varying seniority levels (Analyst, Associate, and Principal) into our Investment Team.

If you have a technical background and are looking to break into the world of venture capital, keep reading!

Job Responsibilities:

Thesis Building (~30%)

  • General Smarts — who is doing what? Research and identify larger trends within the AI/data ecosystem
  • Build knowledge silos in specific domains (better triage who should be the main point person for which type of startup)Investing (~40%)
  • Research on specific startups, due diligence, competitive analysis
  • Speak with fellow investors about other co’s they have seen in the same space, make reference calls with customers, write memos, negotiate termsDeal Sourcing (~20%)
  • Create a steady pipeline to yield 3-6 months of dealflow
  • Meet with other VC’s, attend conferences, speak at events, reach out to “superconnectors”Portfolio Management (~10%)
  • Maintain relationship with current portfolio companies (including asking them for things)
  • Maintenance of documentation & records (who is raising, who is getting ready to raise)
  • Collate learnings, and present findings in weekly investment meetingABOUT YOU
  • Some degree of “tinkering”
  • Academic background in an engineering field (preferably machine learning, computer vision, mechatronics, biotech or CS).
  • High capacity to be self-directed in setting up and maintaining structure for research and reporting processes.
  • Strong ability to rapidly research and understand a new sector and present clearly-written prospectus around technology strategy.
  • Deliberate attention to detail, a passion for learning new skills, comfortable working in a fast-paced environment.
  • Preferred experience working with early stage companies, required interest in startups and entrepreneurship.
  • 1-2 years experience working at an early stage VC fund preferred.
  • If you’re the type of person who watches CEO or VC lectures, or takes MOOC courses for fun, this role might be a good fit for you.

We expect a great deal from our investment team. We encourage all members of the team, regardless of title, to be able to independently develop theses, make investments, and work with startup founders.


If interested, Send your cover letter and resume to with subject line “Investment Team” including a one-pager of due diligence research on any unfunded startup of your choice (doesn’t have to be in AI/robotics) – include your recommendation to invest or not.

If your experience doesn’t match any of the roles we have available, but you think you have something special to bring to Comet Labs or are excited by what we are doing, please emails us anyway and tell us why we should hire you!

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