VC Internship @ TiE Global in Denver, CO

TiE Denver is Colorados leading non-profit organization providing mentorship and deal flow opportunities for qualified professionals and investors. We maintain a focus on cultivating access to capital for Colorado’s leading entrepreneurs.
As one of the most connected investment and startup support organizations in Colorado, we intend to provide our interns with unparalleled opportunities to connect with Colorado’s most influential leaders, starting with our network of TiE Charter Members. TiE also maintains programming and mentor ship opportunities supporting both startup founders and the investment communities that you will have access to for the duration of the internship.
Networking: We are seeking interns who can connect startup founders to investors, while leveraging and growing the incredible TiE Denver network. This internship will provide important access for a self-motivated individual looking to socialize and connect with leading VCs and startup founders in Colorado and beyond.
Experience: TiE will provide an unparalleled learning and networking experience for the right personality. TiE can and will open doors to leaders in the investment community, politicians and business leaders.
We understand that your focus is on school, where it should be. Our program is flexible around your schedule. Our office is downtown Denver in the Dairy Block building, 1 block away from Union Station. The expected time commitment is approximately 10-20 hours per week, though we are project/goal based and flexible in terms of time commitment. As with every experience in life: the more you give to it, the more you get from it.

As An Intern With TiE Denver You Will

Build bridges with Colorado’s investment community;Leverage TiE’s network to seek out and credibly connect with out-of-state VC firms and family offices; and Organize investment opportunities by working with startup founders within the TiE Denver network to create a compelling package for investors.
Our Charter Member network has managed billions of capital, and is well placed to help the right person take the critical first step in their careers. Think you might be the right fit for a TiE internship? Get in touch.


If interested, please apply here.

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