VC Internship @ RevTech Ventures in Dallas, TX

We are looking for two outstanding interns ecstatic to dive headfirst into the world of venture capital. Below are the available two paid internship descriptions and responsibilities for summer 2020; both will report to the Director of Business Development. Applications must be submitted by 3/25/2020.

Application Information

Firm Description

RevTech Ventures is a seed-stage venture capital fund dedicated to helping the retail industry adapt in the age of Amazon. We do this by attracting, funding, mentoring, and connecting top-tier retail and technology innovators with talent, customers, and investors. While constituting only about 5% of North American retail sales market share today, Amazon commands nearly half the sector’s R&D and innovation budget, leaving the other 95% playing catch up. We love helping our entrepreneurs catalyze growth in this industry for the other 95% – and have a lot of fun doing it!

  • Position Descriptions

    Business Development Intern

    • All necessary work to plan and execute RevTech’s summer and fall events and its Fall 2019 Accelerator Graduate Conference and Retail Summit (est. 20 participants) and Tech Trends in Retail Event (est. 200 participants); analyze data from prior events to make recommendations for improvements in communications and logistics. This includes developing and implementing a sponsor outreach and engagement strategy for each event.
    • Help portfolio companies grow and scale through developing a portfolio company communications strategy (i.e., strategizing and implementing communication channels that involve a low level of effort for maximum impact to understand and communicate needs of portfolio companies to broader network)
    • Drive engagement of current mentors (i.e., previous F500 C-Suite execs and prominent startup CEOs) to develop an inventory “lookbook” of mentor skills and engagement, as well as an activity tracking method
    • Work closely with Director of Business Development to support key functions and additional opportunity areas

    Marketing and Analytics Intern

    • Help to develop and implement a marketing and operations plan, utilizing data acquired from primary and secondary sources, for RevTech Ventures
    • Acquire data from primary and secondary sources and analyze results using statistical techniques in order to develop and execute a communications and PR plan around RevTech’s investment activities and events. This plan should include all existing channels of communication including our social media, our Facebook and Linkedln groups, our weekly Mailchimp newsletter, our website, and other relevant channels. This plan should be designed and implemented in order to grow our reach both qualitatively and quantitatively.
    • Leveraging findings and SEO expertise, develop and execute thought leadership strategy around the future of retail
    • Work closely with Director of Business Development to support key functions and additional opportunity areas

    RevTech also has a vested interested in developing proprietary technology to drive engagement. Please comment if you have the following capabilities:

    • Create portal to automate mentor engagement and feedback
    • Create social media commenting/liking tool (yes, we have seen this as a skill before!)
  • Qualifications

    The Ideal Candidate for Both Positions Will Have The Following Qualifications:

    • Identifiable passion for the venture capital industry and entrepreneurial ecosystem and working knowledge of the venture capital and broader investment industries
    • Confident and positive self-starter with an eagerness to learn
    • Clear demonstration of entrepreneurial drive and application
    • Excellent work ethic and professional demeanor
    • Smart, creative thinker and problem-solver, fast learner, with demonstrated initiative
    • An ability to work well within a team and be self-guided on a day-to-day basis
    • Evidence of giving back to the community and a “pay it forward” mentality
    • Exemplary character
    • Relevant work experience in business development, venture capital, investment banking, or a startup/technology business

    The Business Development Candidate Will Have The Following Qualifications:

    • Thoughtful, engaging, and energized by building relationships and growing networks
    • Strong interpersonal skills. Our intern will interact with entrepreneurs and other members of the startup community on a regular basis

    The Marketing and Analytics Candidate Will Have The Following Qualifications:

    • Demonstrated knowledge and experience with marketing analytics
    • Passion for content creation and thought leadership
    • Strong written and verbal skills for communications, outreach, and reporting
    • Expertise in SEO with supporting evidence
  • Benefits

    • Network with people in venture capital and prominent startup founders, embedding yourself in the Texas startup ecosystem
    • Learn about the landscape of venture capital, gaining exposure to a broad set of entrepreneurs shaping their industries
    • Understand the drivers and needs of innovation in the retail industry
    • Develop marketing, communication, and analytical skills
    • Career development and 1-on-1 mentorship
    • Sit in on deal flow meetings to understand how to evaluate startups
    • Work for the best venture capital firm in the world!



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