VC Internship @ Insight Venture Partners in New York City, NY

Insight is the leading global venture capital and private equity firm focused solely on growth stage software and technology investments. Based in New York City and founded in 1995, Insight has raised over $18 billion and invested in more that 300+ growth stage enterprises. Our investments have included Twitter, Shutterstock, Tumblr, Qualtrics, Virgin Pulse, plus many others. Our scale, experience and unique focus allows us to find great companies, support their growth, and provide solid returns for our investors. While we invest in a variety of sectors, we tend to focus on:

  • Enterprise Infrastructure software
  • Cybersecurity
  • Software as a Service (SaaS)- B2B and B2C
  • Marketplaces

Our unique success formula includes three key pillars:

  • Unrivaled Sourcing by our analyst team
  • Strong focus on growth stage software
  • Value Added Post Investment Resources provided by our Onsite consulting team

Our Summer Investment Analyst program focuses on teaching analysts about the venture and PE investing business. You will receive training on how to best speak to entrepreneurs, different business models that are attractive to Insight, how deals are structured, and the lifecycle of a deal. You will be supported during the summer by an analyst mentor, your team members, and partners. By the end of your 10-week internship, you will have evaluated hundreds of business and business models, gained industry and market expertise, and developed an understanding of the entire venture investment cycle.

Few leading investment organizations offer the type of opportunity that Insight Venture Partners offers our interns. The life blood of our organization is sourcing, and you will be immediately thrust into the chaotic world of venture funded business. You will be speaking with entrepreneurs every day, learning from them, questioning them, and ultimately recommending if their business is worth considering for investment.

Sourcing venture businesses is not easy work

Funding growth stage venture business in the technology space today is not easy work. It is a competitive environment where many firms are trying to find their next “winner.” Insight’s approach is unique, and our Analysts are our front line in interacting with and informing entrepreneurs about the Insight difference. Our analysts are involved in the all stages of the deal process.

  • Job #1—Find Great Companies – Finding great companies may sound easy…it isn’t. You will need to first locate them, ascertain their growth prospects and momentum, and learn about their markets. You will develop investment theses and, over time, develop deal judgement. It will be critical for you to be able to cultivate strong relationships with entrepreneurs and demonstrate the value that Insight provides these companies before, during, and after the fund raising process. This will be your focus as a Summer Analyst.
  • Get involved with deals – When a deal goes live, you will be exposed to the evaluation process, negotiations, and due diligence. You may also have a role in performing industry and market research, financial modeling, and customer analytics.
  • Developing investment memos – All of the work up to this point comes together in an investment memo which lays out both the risks and merits of a transaction. Here you will learn to present both the qualitative and quantitative analysis of a deal.
  • Find great M&A targets – Many of our growth and PE investments rely upon successful acquisitions to bolster top line growth. You will learn how to identify synergistic M&A targets, how these deals might be structured, and how the post-acquisition company might be organized.


Is Insight right for you?

  • Team matters to us – Every analyst will be placed on an investment team with its own personality and investment preferences. You will work as an integrated member learning about the type of companies that make sense for your team and for Insight. Your contribution to your team will be an important criterion in evaluating your success.
  • The phone is our weapon – If you think that calling entrepreneurs on the phone to sell them on Insight is glorified telemarketing, then Insight probably is not the right place for you. We believe that our analysts and their outreach is our competitive advantage. Learning how to speak to entrepreneurs, sell them on our organization, and ultimately convince them to work with us is a skill set that will serve you well throughout your entire career…regardless of what you ultimately do! And when you are invited to a meeting you have a real value and contribution based on your existing relationship with the entrepreneur. We expect excellence- Insight has a tradition of hiring the best and the brightest. You will be pushed hard in a competitive environment to show that you can learn rapidly and that your thinking can evolve. The bar is high, but if you can succeed, you will be rewarded for your contribution.
  • Learn by doing – We will train you and give you what you need to start your journey. But, ultimately you need to be comfortable working independently and be self-motivated. Every interaction internally and externally is an opportunity for you to learn. Analyst appreciate an environment where they are not micro-managed and can chart their own path to success.
  • Do you love entrepreneurs? If you want to be an entrepreneur, start your own business. But, if you want to figure out what makes a successful business and how to help entrepreneurs win, then Insight could be right for you. Our goal is to find great businesses with great talent and then partner with them to help them succeed.
  • Working hard is just the beginning – We work hard at Insight. Long hours and demanding work is the norm. But, we also think you should be able to have fun with the people you work with on a daily basis. There is a regular schedule of social events and outings throughout the year, where you will begin to appreciate that it is the people that make Insight so special.
  • We like winning and people who want to win, but… Insight likes to win and that is integral to our culture. We also want competitive people who simply can’t stand losing. But, we also have a reputation as an ethical company that can be trusted. We expect no less from everyone who works with us. We want great people…no jerks allowed!

This opportunity is open to rising juniors graduating in 2020



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