VC Internship @ Cleo Capital in Boston, MA

Come work for one of the hottest new VC firms and learn from a hyper connected VC & LP team.

Cleo Capital is hiring a climate change MBA intern. Perfect way to learn about the business side of venture capital from the ground up.

You’ll spend your time focused on special projects in climate change thesis development and solution finding, aka helping us flesh out our current thesis areas and finding companies, subject matter experts and resources that relate to them.

It will be a detail driven, spreadsheets but also outward facing role with a massive amount of accountability and ownership to make sure things happen. Being a strategic thinker and having a do anything attitude is big here too. You’ll be interfacing with top family offices who are focused on climate change across ocean tech, family planning, regenerative ag etc.

The vast majority of your internship will be research and thesis formation focused. That means researching funds/companies/founders/industries to explore themes and reading and summarizing industry news and reports etc. You’ll work alongside the GP to explore a variety of thesis areas related to climate change then you’ll become an expert on a few and produce a detailed thesis summary of why those areas might be ripe for philanthropic and vc investment in 2020.

It will not be an investment role and is best suited for someone who has a maniacal level of obsession over details and a love of research, execution and helping others. This is the foot in the door for vc you’ve been waiting For.

This role is mainly remote and done on your own time but may have some in person work.

Please submit social media links, resume, linkedin and a couple paragraphs about your interest in climate change and investing as well as how you stay organized.

Diverse backgrounds encouraged to apply. Must be a current student. Apply here or directly to sarah at cleocap dot com.


If interested, please apply here.