VC Intern (Cryptocurrency) @ Reciprocal Ventures in New York City, NY

Job Description

We’re looking for someone who has a passion for cryptocurrency and a curiosity to explore the space on a part-time basis during the Fall 2017 semester. The role entails both filtering inbound crypto deal flow and seeking out interesting deals in the space. An existing network of contacts in the Cryptocurrency space is critical. This is an incredibly exciting opportunity for someone who has been exploring and dabbling in ICOs over the past 2-5 years and wants to dive in on a professional basis. You will regularly interact directly with our investment team.

We’re looking for someone with a quantitative and analytical background. You have experience breaking down a problem into component parts, assigning each component numbers, and building them back again. You LOVE data.


  • Summarize and synthesize tokens’ white papers 
  • Setting up and working with Testnets to run analyses on various crypto-currencies 
  • Provide insight and analysis by reading the code behind the technology of tokens in the industry 
  • Produce reports explaining cutting-edge technology in terms average person could comprehend 
  • Research new crypto currencies and blockchain technologies 
  • Monitor trading and mining applications 
  • Develop indices and programs to track and analyze the movements of coins 
  • Provide quantitative analysis to investment team concerning the valuations of tokens


  • Pursuing undergraduate or graduate degree in Finance, Economics, Computer Science, Data Science, or something similar 
  • Knowledge of Python, Javascript, R, and MATLAB 
  • Experience with Linux and command line interfaces 
  • Sophisticated understanding of blockchain technology, and passionate about following the space 
  • A good writer. At minimum, you write with no grammatical errors, your phrasing isn’t awkward, and you are conscious of jargon. Our audience is educated but not all are crypto-insiders. 
  • A critical thinker. Research projects move quickly. For many of them, you’ll be deeper in the content than we might be. You’ll need to think through the implications of your findings—but also be open to asking questions in the search for the right answer. 
  • Able to operate independently. We’re a lean team of people who learn on their own and from each other. You’ll be part of it. There will be plenty of support, but you’ll also need to make decisions as you research and write. 
  • Experience building computers or cryptocurrency miners is a plus 
  • Ability to perform in depth analyses of complicated assets


If interested, please apply here.

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