VC Head @ in Paris, France

Three years ago, (formerly was born out of our desire to respond to two major issues, namely the strong need for financing companies with positive social and environmental impact, as well as the lack of transparency and meaning. investments that are offered to you.

Our mission 🎯 💸 🚀

Our mission is to participate actively and effectively in reducing social and environmental inequalities in the world by offering everyone the opportunity to invest in companies with a positive impact on our society. That’s why we offer everyone the opportunity to build a 100% responsible, 100% transparent, 100% online portfolio.

Our team 👍🏻 👍🏽 👍🏾

Led by founders Eva (CEO) and Julien (COO), is a young and dynamic team that believes deeply in its project. Beyond France, we are also present in Belgium since last fall and very soon in other European countries!

Job Description

The France Manager will work on a wide variety of topics alongside the Group Investment Manager:

  • take charge of the complete financial and extra-financial analysis of social entrepreneur projects in France and abroad: performance of due diligence (including the strategic, financial, legal and to a certain extent technical dimension), calculation of valuation, ESG analysis & social impact measurement.
  • perform financial and extra-financial analysis of investment funds (structured in debt or equity).
  • accompany social entrepreneurs in their strategy and business model.
  • submit files to the investment committee and institutional partners and monitor the portfolio.
  • participate in internal research work on impact measurement (formalization of measurement methodologies, implementation of a consolidated rating, risk / impact profile definition).
  • bridging the gap between junior analysts and the cluster leader
  • work on key startup development projects (structuring of a guarantee fund, thematic investment fund, dossier for obtaining specific approvals, reflection on new financial tools …)

Required profile

We seek to recruit a motivated person with a certain taste for the emerging sectors of new social business, innovation and impact investing. 

In addition to excellent analytical skills, is looking for someone with:

  • a very good experience in venture capital / private equity
  • good prior experience in strategic business support
  • good communication skills, to work autonomously and to manage a team
  • Proven editorial agility and attention to detail
  • a strong ability to work, take initiatives and quickly build skills

Fixed remuneration (35 to 50K € per year according to profile) + shareholding


If interested, please apply here.

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