VC Fund Manager @ Life Arc in London, UK

The Seed Fund will invest in promising early stage therapeutics and biological research and will be launched at the beginning of 2018.

This is an exciting new role which will initially be active in setting up the function but a role which can evolve as the function matures. It will ideally suit an individual with ambitions to progress their career within Life Sciences investment.

The Role

The Fund Manager will be responsible for:

  • Working with the Executive Directors to set up and manage the core processes and procedures that will enable the function to thrive.
  • Working collaboratively with LifeArc colleagues to:
    • source and evaluate new investment opportunities
    • provide due diligence on opportunities
    • assess investible propositions
    • deliver deal execution and closing
    • manage the active portfolio of investments
  • Ensuring projects are suitable for seed fund investment and that with development have the potential to reach venture capital investment in future
  • Managing a £25m budget and multiple early stage projects


Success in this role means that you are able to assess and ensure the funds remain in line with their objectives and are appropriately managed through the following activities:

  • Positively promote the fund to the external community through both passive and active channels
  • Accepting and acknowledging new opportunities
  • Screen innovations and evaluate business plans
  • In collaboration with LifeArc colleagues, source scientific analysts/experts to support investment decision making process
  • Agreeing the terms of the grant/convertible loan, key milestones and work plan based on diligence
  • In the case of loans, being able to assess progress of the loans and value the projects based upon valuation methodologies using comparables and market data
  • Undertake financial modeling and analysis with ability to assess future prospects
  • Monitor and evaluate performance of investments and prepare updates for investment committees
  • Utilise LifeArc project methodology and tools to track investments ensuring fund objectives are being met and provide updates to Director and Investment Committee and highlight potential issues or concerns
  • Working with finance and legal to ensure payments are made appropriately and meet the T&Cs

Essential Qualifications and Experience

  • Appreciation of pharma lifecycle with the understanding of costs and implications of getting products into clinic and beyond
  • Experience of working within a commercial Life Sciences environment
  • Ability to interpret data and articulate relevant conclusions/recommendations
  • Strong project management skills
  • Strong writing and presentation skills
  • An understanding of key scientific advances and new potential areas of investment
  • Demonstrated ability to act as a self-starter
  • A PhD, MBA or equivalent experience in Life Sciences and/or Venture Capital/Investments

Desirable Qualifications and Experience

  • Experience of working with or alongside a seed fund coupled with the knowledge of how to take investments into a venture capital fund
  • Financial modelling

If interested, please apply here.

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