VC Fellowship @ Qiming Venture Partners in the United States of America

A former colleague [of a Qiming US partner] and a true friend to the firm, Mohamed Chaoui, recently passed away following a battle with lung cancer. He has inspired us to create a rolling fellowship to help develop MBA, MD, Ph.D., PharmD or other advanced degree students with a unique Qiming US experience.

Mohamed’s multi-company and multi-national career included banking, M&A, corporate finance, business development, general management overseeing biopharma affiliates, and for UCB, was instrumental in catalyzing the growth of their China operations. Mohamed was quick to understand early in his career that biotech and biomedical firms, many of which were venture-backed, could provide the means to discover, develop and commercialize transformational products.

Mohamed was full of life. He had a daring spirit, boundless courage, abundant creativity, passion for pursuing innovation, and most importantly, a clear sense of purpose to patients. For any of us that had the chance to work with him, his impact will never fade.

For these reasons, we have created a fellowship to honor our colleague and friend. We commit to an experience that will provide a glimpse at how we work, help us answer important questions, gain insight into young company creation, work side-by-side with very talented people and have a memorable experience.

The application is simple. Along with your CV, send us an introduction sharing why you are interested, what you will bring to the table, and your optimal time period.



If interested, please apply here.

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