VC Director @ Qualcomm in San Diego, CA

In this role you will perform duties of an investment director in the Qualcomm Ventures Group (QC Ventures). QC Ventures is the strategic venture capital arm of Qualcomm. 


1) Partner with Qualcomm Life business to identify new investment opportunities in digital health area, conducting due diligence, negotiating agreements, and presenting investment recommendations to the Qualcomm investment board

2) Managing Qualcomm Ventures portfolio investments by representing Qualcomm (attending board meetings as board observer as required), establishing strategic and operational relationship between Qualcomm and the company, monitoring investments for financial and management review purposes, helping portfolio companies with their strategic and growth prospects to enhance their chances of success.

3) Leading cross-functional (engineering, marketing, ) and cross-departmental coordination for business development activities pertaining to new technologies and investment opportunities.


-10 + years experience in the following required:
* Strategy, Product management or Venture Capital in Digital Health

-Additional experience in the following areas: * Strong financial skills (, , and ) * Management Consulting/Corporate Strategy * Product Management/Marketing * Healthcare industry knowledge


-Required: Bachelor’s/Master’s degree in Life Sciences/Computer Science/Engineering
-Required: MBA


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