VC Director of Operations @ Investible in Sydney, Australia

This is a great opportunity, for someone to join and create consistency, structure and accountability in our business, to ensure that we reach our targets and gain the momentum to be a global leader in the industry. 

Being a new role, your first objective is assessing our current state of play and building out our shared services roadmap for the future. Your focus will be how do we successfully build, grow and scale our shared services division, operating as a profit centre within the business.

You will be focused on identifying what needs to be fixed and scope out what role shared services plays within the Investible business, as we continue on our project growth plan. At the same time being able to pull together the required people, partners and resources needed to make it happen. 

You’ll be a data conscious Leader, who can back up decisions and our future growth plans with impactful reporting and information that enables us confidently move forward. 

As part of the Leadership Team, you will be able to demonstrate the following: 

  • A desire drive change and make an impact. 
  • An ability to work across multiple functions to achieve the core business objectives.
  • You’ll bring your operations “smarts”. Bringing in much needed structure and process to an ever-changing, innovative and entrepreneurial led environment.  
  • Have a knack for thinking outside the box and have a “less is more” approach to scale moving forward. 
  • Able to drive Vision and Strategy for Operations 
  • Manage all Risk and Compliance for Investible Investors. 
  • Seek buy in from the Executive Leadership team
  • Be a Champion for our IT Systems and Processes – Business Case, Identify, Implement and roll out across the organisation.
  • Understand how the accumulation and analysis of data can inform decision making
  • Manage all operational financial obligations – management reporting, tax requirements, projects and quarterly budgeting. 

If the above information is exactly what you are looking for then please apply as directed. 


If interested, please apply here.

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