VC Director (Community) @ American Family Insurance in Madison, WI

American Family Mutual Insurance Company, S.I. and its affiliates (“American Family”) together rank number 311 on the 2018 Fortune 500 list. We have approximately 20,000 employees, exclusive agents and their staffs. American Family is the nation’s 8th largest homeowners’ insurer and the 10th largest automobile insurer. We are headquartered in Madison, Wisconsin.

American Family’s mission is to inspire, protect, and restore our customers’ dreams. We believe a dream is the most valuable thing you’ll ever own. And, we have been protecting our customers’ dreams continually since 1927. In this spirit, American Family has consistently served the communities in which our customers, employees, and agents live and work through countless hours of volunteer time and meaningful philanthropic gifting.

In line with our mission and history, Jack Salzwedel, Chair and CEO, expects our company to be even more influential in our communities as we expand beyond philanthropy to make investments with a demonstrable social impact. Accordingly, American Family is creating a new business unit to focus on social impact investments. This unit’s leaders will initiate and collaborate with private and public sector partners to promote, mentor, and fund economically sustainable interventions that demonstrate positive, measurable outcomes.

The Social Impact Investment Director – Community Resilience role (“Director Community Resilience”) will be responsible for identifying, establishing, and maintaining social impact investments focused on enabling resilience by strengthening communities, protecting people, places and assets. The Director Community Resilience and her or his one to three persons staff will conceive and execute pioneering, innovative projects.

The Director Community Resilience will demonstrate thought leadership on innovation in community resiliency in the face of climate change and the rise of deadly natural disasters in the United States. She or he will be fluent with social impact measurement techniques and approaches and will apply leading academic research and program evaluation studies for community resiliency. She or he will source, monitor, evaluate, and measure investment opportunities made to generate beneficial impact. She or he will report the performance and progress of such investments, ensuring transparency, and accountability.


Specialized Knowledge & Skill Requirements

  • Demonstrated experience providing customer-driven solutions, support or service
  • Demonstrated experience leading or as a primary contributor to successful investments.  This may include conducting investment research and analysis, driving sustainability initiatives within an organization, working in an organization that makes social impact investments.
  • Demonstrated consulting experience or proven ability to perform the key functions of a consultant, including developing and maintaining relationships, pursuing and creating business opportunities, and managing multiple projects under tight deadlines.
  • Demonstrated experience negotiating business transactions
  • Demonstrated experience evaluating business models
  • Demonstrated leadership
  • Extensive knowledge and understanding of business strategy
  • Solid knowledge and understanding of impact measurement techniques and approaches
  • Solid knowledge and understanding of investment banking, venture capital or private equity

Primary Accountabilities

  • Provides thought leadership through engagement within the national, regional and local policy domain.
  • Builds and maintains a network of relationships with the community of practitioners and stakeholders within that domain.
  • Maintains an active awareness of American Family’s business environment, mission, values corporate culture, and structure.
  • Sources and leads relevant complementary non-investment projects.
  • Identifies and executes impact investments (develops deal structure, risk mitigation and negotiating strategies; leads the investment due diligence process; oversees all processes and timeline to deliver recommendations for Investment Committee approval; after investment, applies industry-leading frameworks and methods to measure, evaluate, and report impact metrics to appropriate stakeholders).
  • Manages the interactions and coordination of work with all stakeholders.
  • Identifies, pursues and includes diverse communities.
  • Creates an effective work environment by developing a common vision, setting clear objectives, expecting teamwork, recognizing outstanding performance and maintaining open communications.
  • Develops staff through coaching, providing performance feedback, providing effective performance assessments, and establishing performance & development plans.


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