VC Associate @ Six Thirty Ventures in St. Louis, MO

What is SixThirty all about?
Our mission is to find the most innovative ideas in enterprise financial technology (“FinTech”), insurance
technology (“InsurTech”), digital health, and cyber security across the globe, and work with corporate
partners to mentor and grow them into great businesses. SixThirty is a global FinTech & InsurTech early
stage venture capital fund and go-to-market program. We also manage a fund focused on Cyber
Security. We invest in and help grow between 10 – 14 early-stage companies each year, providing
funding, mentorship, and connections. Our partners include Aflac, Ernst & Young, Reinsurance Group of
America (RGA), Allianz, Bank of New York Mellon Pershing, World Wide Technology, and several others.
More information is available at &
What does the SixThirty Investment Team do?
SixThirty is a high velocity, high volume investor in early-stage startups in the financial technology,
insurance technology, digital health, and cyber security technology sectors. An opportunity exists to join
our team as an Investment Associate to work on due diligence on investment opportunities across all
sectors. The Associate is expected to dig in deep on the companies that rise to the top of the
investment pipeline funnel. Core to this task is the expectation that the Associate will conduct market
research on an ongoing basis to inform how startups fit within the relevant market landscape. The
Associate will work closely with other team members focused on driving the investment pipeline and
managing our partnerships with corporate partners, whose objectives often guide our investment

Associate responsibilities will include:

  • Investment due diligence

o Assist SixThirty team in evaluating prospective investments, including deep analysis of a
company’s product, market, competition, and potential
o Collect, manage, analyze data relevant to investment opportunities
o Produce financial models related to analyzing markets, investments, and existing
o Write investment memos to be reviewed by SixThirty Investment Committee
o Build strong relationships with founders at startups that SixThirty is considering investing
o Cultivate a network of subject-matter experts to validate technology, business models,
and IP of prospective investment opportunities
o Conduct product demos and collect other data on user experience

  • Market Research

o Lead research on the trends, competitive environment, and opportunities in FinTech,
InsurTech, Digital Health, Cyber Security, and technologies such as AI, security, and
o Take ownership of sub-investment themes / theses
o Outline potentially interesting areas of investment
o Develop thought leadership, leveraging SixThirty observations / investment thesis
Working with SixThirty team members, leverage SixThirty corporate partnerships to
develop co-branded research and insights on investment opportunities

  • Sourcing

o Build a network to uncover the next investment opportunity for SixThirty to pursue
o Channel pipeline companies into the SixThirty intake process
o Manage relationships with other VCs, Founders, and other market participants to
generate deal flow and exchange ideas / observations

  • Administration

o Keep databases and tools updated
o Assist with investment sourcing/pipeline development, marketing efforts for the fund,
knowledge aggregation
o Coordinate with SixThirty team members, co-investors, and third party service providers
on moving a company from prospect to portfolio company
o Assist with other areas of SixThirty operations as requested

What are we looking for?
The areas we invest are some of the fastest growth areas in tech and venture capital. We are looking for
someone that is comfortable and excited about working in a fast paced environment. The ideal
candidate can juggle many responsibilities, while simultaneously prioritize key activities. In our opinion,

this may be demonstrated through the following attributes:

  • Undergrad or graduate degree in business, economics, marketing, engineering, data science, or

related fields

  • Experience, via internships or 1 – 4 years of full-time work, in the venture capital industry, with a

preference for enterprise technology, including FinTech, InsurTech, InfoSec, and Digital Health

  • Strong analytical skills; strong modeling capabilities
  • Proficiency in Microsoft Word, PowerPoint, and Excel
  • Ability to communicate concisely, with depth and accuracy, in writing and speech
  • Enjoys getting deep into research topics
  • Detail oriented
  • Experience cultivating and managing professional relationships
  • Respect for risk taking challenges of entrepreneurs
  • Diversity of background and perspective
  • Passion for new technology

The offer
The SixThirty Investment Associate is a full-time paid position. The Associate reports to the Principal, and
the position is based in St. Louis, MO. There will be interactions with team members based in
Amsterdam and Singapore, so occasionally the Associate will be asked to work during odd hours. Our
office is located at T-Rex in downtown St. Louis.

  • Health, dental, vision benefits
  • 401(k) plan
  • Paid time off
  • Growth and leadership opportunities
  • Membership to T-Rex co-working space & technology incubator

Culture of high-growth FinTech, InsurTech, Digital Health, and Cyber Security companies; highly
collaborative and supportive of start-up community

To apply
Send resume along with answers to questions below to Joel Brightfield, Principal, at

  • Why are you interested in the Associate role? (250 words)
  • What technology company do you admire and why? (500 words)

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