VC Associate @ MindRock Capital in San Francisco, CA

Investment Associate is responsible for providing Fund Managers and LPs with valuable information, advice and recommendations on investment opportunities, market trends, potential partnerships, co-investments and deal structuring for specific industry vertical.

Key work activities will include:

  • Researching startups of various stages, including understanding their current and future products, business and financial performance, strategy and growth potential
  • Conduct detailed industry, business and financial due diligence on prospective investments
  • Prepare in-depth financial and data analysis for potential investments, the ability to read, reconcile and interpret company accounts, BS, P&L, CF information
  • Analyzing complicated technical data and information
  • Writing research summaries, reports, teasers and investment memos
  • Regularly meeting with company managers, other VC managers and opinion leaders
  • Presenting Company on exhibitions, conferences and meetups
  • Making informed investment and deal structuring recommendations
  • Collating information about the latest trends, opportunities and risks of the market

This position provides high levels of responsibility, good promotional opportunities and impressive financial rewards. The role is demanding with long working hours, constant stress and intellectual challenges.

Key skills for Investment Associate:

  • Ability to work effectively under pressure, as performance is constantly measured by the outcome, not the effort invested in the process
  • Strong written and verbal communication skills to build a network of trusted relations in the industry
  • Analytical and problem-solving skills, to quickly get to the core and reduce uncertainty
  • Numerical skills to be able to crack the numbers
  • Research skills to understand the products and markets, read between the lines
  • Attentiveness to details and an ability to easily notice missing or conflicting data as well as see the big picture
  • Confidence to represent the company and talk to celebrity founders
  • Self-motivation to deliver result without clear work structure, guidelines and “babysitting” from Managers
  • An interest in current affairs, be passionate about the future of the online media industry
  • Knowledge of both the industry and Venture Capital / Startup ecosystem in general
  • Team-working skills to help colleagues and get their help when needed

The ideal candidate for this role will have a business or technical education (MBA preferred), at least one year of experience in venture capital or private equity (could be an internship). Knowledge of Russian language is a strong benefit.

To get the job, the candidate should provide clear proof of his ability to think out of the box, communicate well and show passion for the role and career in venture capital in general.


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