VC Associate @ Hyundai Kid aAmerica Technical Center in Menlo Park, CA

Hyundai America Technical Center, Inc. (HATCI) is currently looking for candidates to join Hyundai Ventures’ strategic corporate venturing and innovation team. The position is based in Menlo Park, CA.

Hyundai Ventures is the Group’s first international office focused on corporate venturing and innovation outside of Korea. It is located in Silicon Valley and opened in 2011. The investments and partnerships sectors covered by Hyundai Ventures includes: 1) mobility and connected services, 2) cleantech for automotive applications, 3) intelligent systems for vehicles and manufacturing, 4) smart cities, and 5) emerging business and markets.

You will be reporting to the head of office at Hyundai Ventures, Hyundai Motor Group’s U.S. corporate venturing and innovation office in Menlo Park, CA. You will be responsible for a wide range of venturing activities: Investment strategy, portfolio balancing, deal sourcing and deal reporting, market modeling and sizing, technical and business assessment, investment proposals. Since all investments are decided by an executive steering committee in Hyundai Motor Group (HMG) Headquarters (Seoul, South Korea), you will also be collaborating with the Venture Business Investment team (known as Hyundai Venture Plaza). In addition, there will be opportunity to present directly to the members of the executive steering committee. The position also involves using and building a network of relationships of corporate venture capital, financial venture capital, service providers, and business and thought leaders.


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