VC Associate @ Founders Factory in New York City, NY

Our mission is to develop a repeatable methodology for building successful innovative technology startups. The two core components of our business are the studio and accelerator program. Our studio program brings ideas to life as standalone companies while our accelerator invests in companies that we want to scale. 
Founders Factory is hiring for a Venture Associate in New York that can help activate and grow our network in New York. The role will be based in New York and will focus on sourcing and investing in startups for our accelerator program. The role will also cover building relationships in the local community with entrepreneurs, VCs, universities and founder talent. Good candidates should have outstanding people skills, hustle, resilience, deep empathy with founders and a high curiosity for technology and startups.
💪 Responsibilities
– Identifying key sources for startup founders and finding scalable ways to interact with them.
– Assessing and qualifying early-stage ideas, technology and founding teams.
– Activating and growing our local network in New York and other key startup ecosystems in the US.
– Evangelising the Founders Factory vision and story to key local players.
– Supporting the development of the Founders Factory accelerator and studio platform in New York
– Supporting the set up of our New York operations: office search, recruitment, initial investments, partner activation.
🎯 Requirements
– Personal networks that embrace the startup, VC and talent communities in New York.
– Ability to communicate authoritatively and passionately and share details of the Founders Factory vision, differentiation and operations.
– Demonstrate relentless energy and passion for finding opportunities, building relationships and execution.
– Ability to work at the cross section of technology and business.
– Knowledge, enthusiasm and interest in technology, start-ups and digital.
🎯About us
Founders Factory is a platform which improves the odds of startup success and empowers anyone to impact the world through entrepreneurship.
We’re changing the venture model, trusting our ability to make a real difference to the companies we invest in. Our platform gives entrepreneurs market access to multi-national corporates, and bespoke operational support from a big and brilliant team. This allows us to do things that don’t scale, tailoring a program to every startup that joins. Letting our startups tap into skills they need but can’t yet access.
All of this is funded by our corporate partners, but their role is not simply cash. They bring the best bits of their businesses to our startups – validation, distribution, insight and capital. These are ingredients that startups others don’t have, which is why you see startups here that can not exist anywhere else. 
We’re here so founders who see the future differently get the skills they need to make it a reality. We’re proud to back founders others wouldn’t and we back ourselves to make them successful. We know the biggest impact comes from those that don’t fit the mould so we’ve made Founders Factory their home.
If interested, please apply here.
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