VC Associate @ Comet Labs in San Francisco, CA

The Investment Associate position at Comet Labs provides an exciting and unique opportunity for technical candidates to break into the world of Venture Capital. As an investment team member, you will have insights to the startup ecosystem in Comet Labs’ investment areas (AI and Robotics), and help inform decisions that the fund makes from a technical and strategic perspective.

Comet Labs is an early stage venture fund & support platform focused on helping B2B intelligent machine (AI and Robotics) startups. We invest capital, and provide resources that accelerate the product and customer development cycles — resulting in a shorter time to paying customers.

We believe that by being highly focused, we can bring value, understand the landscape, and build an ecosystem and infrastructure that brings unique deal flow and community. If you’re passionate about making a difference in a world of flying cars, robotic farms, and buildings that build themselves, keep reading!

Thesis Building: General Smarts — who is doing what? Larger trends within the AI/data ecosystem, building knowledge silos in specific domains (to better triage who should be the main point person for which type of startup), bottom up research. (~30%)
Investing: Research about specific companies, due diligence, competitive analysis, talking with investors about other co’s they have seen in the same space, doing reference calls with customers, research into the industry, memo writing, negotiating terms. (~40%)
Deal Sourcing: Putting in the work now that will yield dealflow in the next 3-6 months (talking with other VC’s, going to events/conferences, speaking at events, reaching out to “superconnectors” in the world of intelligent machines. (~20%)
Portfolio Management: Maintaining face time and updates with current portfolio companies (including asking them for things). Maintenance of documentation & records (who is raising, who is getting ready to raise), collating learnings, and presenting at investment meeting to make the group smarter (~10%)

• Some degree of “tinkering”: academic background in an engineering field pertaining to AI/Robotics (preferably machine learning, computer vision, mechatronics, biotech or CS).
• Preferred experience working with early stage companies, required interest in startups and entrepreneurship.
• High ability to be self-directed in setting up and maintaining structure for research and reporting processes.
• Strong ability to rapidly research and understand a new sector and present clearly-written prospectus around technology strategy
• Strong attention to detail, work ethic, a passion for learning new skills, ability to work in a fast-paced environment.
• 1-2 years experience working at an early stage VC fund preferred.
• If you’re the type of person who watches CEO or VC lectures, or takes MOOC courses for fun, this role might be a good fit for you.
• This role reports to the Investment Partner

We expect a great deal from our investment team, and believe this position to be one of the fastest ways to get exposed to the VC and Startup ecosystem for technical-focused individuals. We encourage all members of the team, regardless of title, to be able to independently develop theses, make investments, and work with startup founders.

If Interested, please apply here. 

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