VC Associate @ Capital Factory in Austin, TX

The Venture Associate is responsible for building the pipeline of companies to join the Accelerator. You represent Capital Factory in the community, constantly meeting and evaluating new startups and convincing all of the best ones to join our Accelerator.You’ll know you’re successful if…

  • You are frequently finding new startups that no one else at Capital Factory has met before
  • You sponsor 10 startups into the Accelerator each month
  • You speak about Capital Factory in front of a group every week
  • Entrepreneurs, mentors and investors love working with you and think you are super helpful


  • You are professional and presentable and greet everyone cheerfully. You’re ready to deal with an immature student, a pushy salesperson, and the President of the United States.
  • You are excited to work in the middle of downtown Austin and have reliable transportation.
  • You have a reliable laptop computer and smartphone.
  • You are security aware. You have a passcode on your computer and phone and don’t write passwords down on paper.
  • You are available in person during business hours and after hours for events.
  • You are available during SXSW (Spring Break) and Startup Week
  • You are comfortable with the Google Apps suite of products. You’re eager to learn about new tools and ways to be more productive.
  • You plan on staying in Austin and being available for this job for the next 2 years
  • You get to Inbox Zero every day.
  • You have discretion and can be trusted with confidential information.

If interested, please apply here.


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