VC Associate @ Atento Capital in Tulsa, OK

Atento Capital’s name is derived from three universal themes that shape our philosophy: vision, innovation, and talent. We are an investment firm dedicated to a two-pronged mission: generating excellent risk-adjusted returns and making a lasting economic impact through the stimulation of entrepreneurial activity in the Tulsa community. We are a small team that is incredibly passionate about what we do and the community we call home.


At Atento Capital, we wear two different hats. On one hand, we are an early stage investor with a geographic focus in Tulsa, looking to make investments in hard working entrepreneurs and help them build their business here in town. At the same time, we are a venture fund-of-funds (close partner) seeking to invest in a carefully chosen group of fund managers each year. Our portfolio is constructed to provide exposure to the most exciting venture opportunities in New York, Los Angeles, Tel Aviv, and other high profile markets, funds with sector-specific or geographic expertise, and funds that invest in traditionally underserved corners of the venture market.


We are striving to transform Tulsa by focusing on economic development through job creation. By leveraging our relationships with venture capital funds and their portfolio companies, we are uniquely positioned to help entrepreneurs build and grow their businesses in Tulsa. As start-ups grow, we encourage them to consider expanding in Tulsa to take advantage of lower costs and higher standards of living. This allows firms to operate more efficiently while bringing dynamic, high-paying jobs to our community.


We are a fund with a single LP, the George Kaiser Family Foundation. This relationship allows us to draw on a deep network of fund managers, entrepreneurs, philanthropists, and thought leaders who share a similar mission of cultivating a more vibrant and inclusive Tulsa. As such, we are at the center of a coordinated effort to recruit jobs, talent, and new economic opportunities right here at home.


We live by the philosophy “doing well by doing good”, and seek to maximize our impact without sacrificing returns. By applying the highest industry standards of rigor to the research, diligence, and investment process, we are able to create tremendous value for our investment partner that will be reinvested in the community through initiatives that are at the heart of our collective mission.



You should have incredible interpersonal skills and thrive in a collaborative environment where everybody is expected to contribute to the investment process. At Atento we are generalists, and you should possess a solid mix of both quantitative and qualitative capabilities to perform rigorous, disciplined investment analysis while also building connections with entrepreneurs, thinking critically about entrepreneurial challenges, and brainstorming creative solutions. This job is relational, so it’s important that you have high levels of emotional intelligence and can interact with a variety of key stakeholders, from baristas at local coffee shops to CEOs of Fortune 100 companies. Most importantly though, you should love to hustle and be incredibly passionate about your work. We are looking for people who love what they do and have fun doing it. 


Role Description: Associate


We are looking for an individual who thrives with independence and autonomy and doesn’t shy away from taking on additional projects. Our team values diversity and is passionate about economic development and creating representation for women and minority founders. We are seeking a candidate who is excited about creating an impact in Tulsa and could see themselves becoming an integral part of the city’s entrepreneurial ecosystem. This is a career track position and with opportunities for promotion based upon performance. 

Candidates should have or be in the process of pursuing an MBA from a top tier institution, but we are willing to consider candidates without an MBA under the correct circumstances. Our ideal candidate will have 2 – 5 years experience working in startups, technology, finance or consulting. Strong communication, writing, and analytical skills are required along with a friendly and outgoing personality. Accomplishing our goals often requires obtaining the buy-in of multiple stakeholders at once, so persistence and persuasion are imperative. 


Function within the Organization: 

Our intern will primarily be responsible for the following tasks: 

  • Representing Atento Capital to the greater Tulsa community and on a national stage 
  • Sourcing and working with local entrepreneurs to determine if an investment can be made 
  • Coaching entrepreneurs and providing content to assist entrepreneurs in their growth 
  • Sourcing regional deals that could potentially move to Tulsa upon receiving investment from Atento 
  • Interfacing and developing intimate relationships with local stakeholders such as universities, accelerators, incubators, coding schools, and coworking spaces 
  • Creating events and programming to both develop and meet early stage companies 


Day to Day: 

Each day with Atento will look different. A typical week will include the following: 

  • Team meetings 
  • Meetings with entrepreneurs 
  • Meetings with local stakeholders including universities, accelerators, incubators, coding schools, and coworking spaces 
  • Planning for upcoming events 
  • Content creation 
  • Pitching Tulsa to national organizations and non-local startups 
  • Travel to develop relationships with national stakeholders and non-local startups. 


Working with/Reporting to: 

As this role has a variety of functions, the intern will be working closely with a number of different parties including, but not limited to: 

  • The GKFF Investment Committee 
  • Atento Capital Managing Partner 



There are numerous benefits to joining the Atento Capital team including but not limited to: 

  • Opportunity to gain operational experience by working directly with entrepreneurs 
  • Opportunity to gain expertise in live venture capital deals 
  • Exposure to fund-of-fund venture capital deals 
  • Opportunity to learn from and be mentored by both successful entrepreneurs and investors 
  • Flexibility in schedule and working style 
  • Exposure to economic development and philanthropic work alongside one of the largest philanthropic organizations in the world 
  • Highly competitive compensation and housing provided for the first year


Other: This role is based in Tulsa, OK and may require up to 25% travel. 


To apply, email your resume and cover letter to


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