VC Associate @ Abundant Venture Partners in Chicago, IL

Abundant Venture Partners Holding, LLC (Abundant), is a purpose-based investing-and-operating hybrid which incubates companies focused on improving the human condition. We seek to achieve significant returns for its investors by identifying, creating/investing in and supporting the successful growth of companies that improve: Human Wellness, Human Performance and Human Engagement while driving innovation in the healthcare technology and services and digital media technology and services sectors.

Founded in 2011, Abundant was formed with core beliefs that drive our action and investment:

  • It is still possible to do good while doing well.
  • If it is big enough to care, it is big enough to share.
  • We are accountable to ourselves, one another and for the world around us.
  • Consulting diverse perspectives with shared purpose is the best way to create value.

Abundant acts as an active mentor, supporter and accelerator to our portfolio companies. Our deep network of relationships allows access to talent, partners, and customers enabling portfolio companies to achieve transformational sales and accelerate growth with an efficient use of money, time, and resource. As well, our unique structure as a holding company grants us flexibility to be a genuine long-term partner with a focus on sustainable growth and profitability. We believe our investing-and-operating hybrid model has been core to our ability to achieve positive results in our investments, including exits of seven of our 26 investments and provides a significant advantage to effectively start, grow, operate, and exit companies in the future.

In the newly created role of VC Associate, you will be responsible for translating new company ideas from AVP into a business model which can be funded and where performance can be clearly measured. You will report into the CFO, serve as an integral member of the investment team, and work closely with the entire AVP management team.

You are excited about this opportunity because you will:

1. Lead the day-to-day aspects of new business evaluation, which includes:

  • Defining the Problem and Solution. How big is the problem? How painful is it? How will we solve it? How else can the problem be solved?
  • Value Proposition Articulation. Understanding, dimensionalizing and clearly articulating value propositions for the people the problem is being solved for. How much economic benefit will our solution deliver to the problem-experiencer? How much will the problem-experiencer pay to solve the problem?
  • Market Landscaping. Sizing and segmenting addressable markets, identifying sources of sustainable competitive advantage and identifying and synthesizing market trends and risks. How much better are we able to solve the problem compared to alternatives the problem-experiencer has?
  • Capital Plan. How much in investment is required to either bring the Company to profitability or be attractive to another capital source to lead a Series A round? What are the stage-gated investment, product/service, team and financial-performance-related milestones (revenue, bookings, cash balance, burn) to get from inception to Series A?

2. Drafting Investment Committee Memorandum with the above information, which will be the basis for the go/no go decision for our Investment Committee.

3. Support Investment negotiation, structuring and closing.

4. Work in partnership with a Senior Executive at AVP on each new business opportunity or existing investment opportunity, where the Senior Executive will be responsible for strategy/vision, business development (for new ideas), as well as industry and functional expertise related to the business.

5. Support creation of 30/90/180 day plans for companies’ post-investment and collaborate with the Abundant Board representative and Shared Services group on goal setting and plan


6. Support other operational activities at AVP, including fund administration, investment benchmarking and contact management.

7. Make a meaningful impact at the intersection of digital and healthcare, working with some of the top experts in the field.

We are excited about you because:

1. You come with a healthcare tech/services background, strong finance foundation and passion.

2. You have built your career in one of 3 types of firms:

  • An associate at a healthcare tech/services-focused PE or VC firm.
  • 4 years of healthcare tech/services-focused strategy consulting with a strong foundation in finance and financial modeling or
  • 2 years of healthcare tech/services strategy consulting and 2 years of healthcare tech/services corporate development, business development, strategy or product marketing with a strong foundation in finance and financial modeling.

3. You have demonstrated superior project management skills; tracking and delivering on projectrelated timelines.

4. You pride yourself on outstanding analytical capabilities.

5. You have a keen ability to work on multiple projects simultaneously.

6. You have seen the value of great communication and have learned how to communicate effectively to various stakeholders, especially around priorities.

7. You have presence and can effectively interface with senior management across Abundant and our Portfolio companies.

8. Your excellence in communication spans written, oral, interpersonal and presentation.

9. You have demonstrated an ability to cut to the chase and generate clarity out of ambiguity.

10. You have received feedback on the strength of your collaboration, worth ethic, flexibility and passion.

11. You are self-motivated and resourceful, always working to find an answer, help others, and have a bias towards action.

12. You place tremendous value on accountability – for yourself and others, and you can confidently give and take feedback.

13. You have an MBA from a top tier program or can show experience that makes up for the MBA.

You’ll love working here because:

  • This is an outstanding opportunity to be involved in the creation of early stage companies that help define new markets of opportunity and support existing companies who are making a difference in healthcare and media.
  • We offer a competitive compensation package including base salary, equity, bonus and a comprehensive benefit package.
  • You will have direct impact on our investment decisions and our portfolio.
  • Our culture is magnetic.


If interested, please apply here.

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