VC Apprenticeship Program @ Venture University in San Francisco, CA

Venture University is a multi-stage investment fund that offers an Investment Apprenticeship Program to angel investors, family offices, emerging VC / PE investors, and entrepreneurs.

Venture University is redefining the value of an investment fund by creating an investment team that is capable of covering markets broader, deeper, and faster than a typical fund, providing a network that can better support portfolio companies, and offering greater value to LPs. Our mission is to develop and curate emerging top investors and entrepreneurs for the benefit of the innovation ecosystem.

Venture University invests $20K-$1M+ per company across multiple stages and each cohort develops their own investment focuses. Investors are sourced from over 3,000+ applications (a <3% acceptance rate), making it more competitive to get into than the top ivy league schools and MBA programs. Individuals that are accepted into the Investment Apprenticeship Program join Venture University’s investment team, gain quality VC/PE investment experience, build a deep network within the industry, and share in the financial upside from the investments made.

For more information, go to: https://www.Venture.University



Venture University offers three programs: Summer, Fall, and Spring. 

  • Fall: Sept 17th -Dec 14th, 2018  (San Francisco Only) 
  • Spring: Jan 14th-April 26th, 2019 (San Francisco Only) 
  • Summer: June 17th – Aug 30th, 2019 (San Francisco & New York) 

Individuals accepted into the program have the option to participate in up to three program periods (3 Months up to 1yr) to truly immerse themselves into the world of venture capital, private equity, and entrepreneurship.


Responsibilities of the Venture Capital & Private Equity Investment Apprenticeship:

  • The Venture Capital & Private Equity Apprenticeship Program is a full-time program, Monday-Friday, ~9am-5pm, where individuals take on the role of a VC/PE investor at Venture University’s investment fund.  A part-time program option is available for individuals that can commit to at least three days per week, who may currently be in an undergrad or graduate program, or who have a flexible work schedule.
  • Individuals also participate in an Academic Program, which includes two courses: Venture Capital & Private Equity and Entrepreneurship: Seed to Growth. Each week there are 1-2 modules, and each module is 2-4hrs.
  • Deal source from accelerators, seed funds, venture funds, private equity funds, startup founders, and strategics
  • Review pitch decks, meet with companies, conduct due diligence, put together investment evaluations and recommendations, participate in investment committees, and support the portfolio companies 
  • Make investments during the program, investing $20K-$1M+ in each company, and have the ability to source and invest additional capital in the portfolio companies
  • Individuals in the Investment Apprenticeship Program are offered a Profit Sharing Agreement to benefit from the financial upside from the investments made
  • Attend VC / Startup networking events  


Location & Requirements:

  • You are applying for the Investment Apprenticeship Program based in San Francisco
  • You must be located in or move to San Francisco during the program period


Eligibility (Must meet one or more of the below criteria):

  • Individuals with extraordinary abilities & exceptional achievements: Individuals who have gone against the odds with spectacular success and/or failure, created something from nothing, executed something to a large scale with limited resources, uncovered and leveraged secrets within market dynamics, acted in creative ways and built solutions to hard problems 
  • Undergrad or graduate student at top colleges, universities, or master’s programs: MBA, J.D., MS, etc. 
  • Post-Graduate & Experienced Professional: 1) 1-3yrs doing investment banking and/or consulting, 2) working within corporate business development, innovation, or corporate VC, or 3) working at a startup or innovative corporation, or founder of a startup
  • Angel investors, individuals at family wealth offices, individuals looking to launch their own investment fund or corporate VC, looking to improve and professionalize their investment strategy and skills



  • The Venture Capital & Private Equity Investment Apprenticeship Program is unpaid and includes a cost to participate in the program.  Individuals accepted into the Investment Apprenticeship Program receive a Profit Sharing Agreement to benefit from the financial upside from the investments made, which has the potential to return none, some, all, or more than the total cost of the program.

If interested, please apply here.

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