VC Analyst @ NEST in London, United Kingdom

As our asset under management has grown exponentially in the last five years, NEST’s investment process has evolved. To support the further development of our investment approach, we are looking for an Investment analyst to join our team.

This Investment analyst position provides a unique opportunity to develop research skills in the area of investment management and portfolio construction across different asset classes over both medium and long time horizons. NEST’s special conditions (e.g. fast growing asset under management, positive cash flow projection and glide path design) make our research scope much wider and complex. By adopting a in-house investment team, NEST provides extensive support to our investment team in building up investment knowledge and skills.

Key responsibilities

  • Implement asset allocation through NEST platform
  • Contribute to the asset allocation decision making through investment research in the areas of asset allocation methodologies and investment strategies
  • Conduct asset allocation modelling and analysis
  • Conduct research on asset allocation methodologies, characteristics of evolving asset classes and investment strategies
  • This role is likely to broaden as the analyst’s experience grows and the NEST’ investment approach evolves. 

Key skills and experience required

The employee will be able to demonstrate the following experience and technical skills:


  • Broad knowledge of investment theories, financial market and asset classes, especially in the areas of asset allocation and risk management.
  • Good understanding of portfolio construction (optimization) theory and having relevant modelling skills.
  • Advanced working skills with microsoft office, especially in Microsfot EXCEL.Desirable 
  • Programming skills (e.g Matlab, VBA, R, etc.)to conduct quantitative and statistical research in portfolio construction and investment strategy development
  • Knowledge of statistical technique and working skills in empirical research based on historical data



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