VC Analyst @ NEA in New York, NY

NEA is hiring an analyst to work on the investment team in New York. This two-year role is designed to provide an unparalleled opportunity to learn the business of venture capital firsthand and witness investing and company-building from the ground-up


  • Developing Investment Theses: You will create and maintain sector market maps of key start-ups and larger companies as part of NEA’s thesis generation, investment screening, and due diligence efforts.
  • Discovering Potential New Investments: Using online data resources, social signals, research, and your personal network, you will be encouraged to meet and pursue interesting investment opportunities. Don’t worry, this is not an outbound sourcing or cold-calling role—this is a true investing position.
  • Helping Existing Portfolio Companies: You will be a strategic asset to our portfolio companies at the board and CEO level, conduct competitive analyses and research projects, and attend board meetings as needed.
  • Designing and Executing Projects for the Broader NEA Ecosystem: Given the size of our fund, we have bountiful data and resources, all of which will be at your disposal to put to good use! As an Analyst, you will leverage our resources and guidance to design and execute projects to benefit the overall NEA entrepreneurial ecosystem. This is your opportunity to add value in a unique and creative way, cementing your mark at NEA.


We are looking for a person with 0 – 2 years of work experience. For candidates with professional experience, a background in finance, consulting, engineering, product, design, or operational experience within a startup is preferred.


  • Curious: Asking questions and pursuing the best answers is at the heart of what we do. Curiosity is what makes us pursue investments and build conviction around them.
  • Collaborative yet Independent: We give our analysts a lot of freedom, so it’s important that you’re comfortable driving processes forward and taking initiative while keeping team members informed and involved.
  • Engaged: At NEA, we learn something new every day. It’s important to be constantly engaged and aware of new technologies and trends. This should be something you’re already passionate about!



If interested, please apply here.


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