VC Analyst @ Mosaic Ventures in London, UK

Here at Mosaic, (LinkedIn, Crunchbase) we are looking for an exceptional candidate to join our investment team as an Analyst.We’re offering a 12-24 month starting role in venture capital, based in our London office, as an integral supporting member of our investment team. You will see a wide range of technology sectors, products, business models and markets. What happens after your journey with us will be down to you: maybe you’ll study for an MBA, join one of our portfolio companies, continue in the investing world, or work on your own startup.The role is in large part research focused: helping us analyze interesting markets and emerging startups. Before we commit to an investment, we evaluate the market size and potential, the competitive landscape, customer pain points, and alternative go-to-market strategies. All of this helps us form a picture of the market and the potential for a startup to fundamentally reshape it.

Every month we intersect hundreds of companies (including at demo days and events that you will attend on the firm’s behalf), sometimes in industries in which we have not invested in previously, or performed a deep dive on. In these sectors, the investment team works collaboratively to develop a robust investment thesis in order to better understand the key characteristics of that market. You will play a vital part in this process.

We’re a small team with a lot of ground to cover and limited time in which to make important investment decisions. We aspire to having a prepared mind so that we have a clear perspective on a company and their market. We don’t often miss something great but we all take it personally if we do.

As for the people, you’ll be joining three co-founders and three Associate Partners with decades of experience as investors and operators in Europe and Silicon Valley. We founded Mosaic three years ago as a small equal partnership by design, and you can expect an open and straightforward culture. Our values drive our behaviour, and the same goes for everyone on our team. Our style is Socratic, no-nonsense and collegiate; delivering high quality work is essential. Everyone at Mosaic looks out for each other, and we laugh a lot too.

Day-to-day as a Mosaic Analyst you can expect to:

  • Research potential investments, that will likely require:
    • Market mapping, including competitors and industry landscape
    • Testing products and services
    • Joining meetings with fellow Mosaic investors and founders
  • Scenario modelling (i.e. what does Mosaic have to believe for X to become an important, valuable business; what are the key biggest risks?)
  • Support the investment process, especially around market and competitor due diligence
  • Attend demo days, startup competitions, hackathons, networking events
  • Prepare market materials for Mosaic investor updates and our annual meeting (our own investors are central to what we do, and you’ll contribute to keeping them informed)
  • Research to support Mosaic’s thematic events for entrepreneurs
  • Occasional strategic projects for our portfolio companies, working closely with the founders


The person we’re looking for:

  • Has stellar analytical, written and oral communication skills
  • Is well-organised, happy juggling multiple balls
  • Ideally has a passion for our ecosystem of web, mobile services and software
  • Is intellectually curious, so someone who naturally spends their spare hours learning about new and innovative stuff
  • Is a driven self-starter. Has no issue with asking for help but is also able to deliver without extensive management
  • Enjoys working in Excel, Google Docs and a variety of other online services
  • Is highly motivated and will thrive in a small, relatively unstructured office environment. We are kind of a startup ourselves, and everybody hustles

Prior Experience

We are happy to consider folks with a minimum of two years full-time work experience focused on tech, ideally as an analyst in a leading strategy consulting firm or investment bank (e.g. in equity research or a sector specific analytical role). A computer science, EE, or technical/numerate background is particularly welcome; as is someone who has deep intellectual curiosity, and an interest/passion in technology and the world of startups.


If interested, please apply here.

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